I Had Such High Hopes…

Everything was set…


I was gonna have the operation and put in the work and loose those kilos.

Well, I have lost the kilos, but I have so much more to lose and I am not putting in that much effort. I mean yeah, I am eating less…but I am still preferring to drink sugary drinks.

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Instead of eating a slab of chocolate in an hour it now takes me about a week and a half, but I can still eat it. And instead of getting a large McDonald’s meal I will have a small and only eat about half of it.

I have yet to go to the gym for a proper work out…I mean last time I went was about a month ago. And after a length walk, I am a lil wheezy. I mean I haven’t put on weight and the scale does still seem to be going down slowly but not enough and fast enough and I have stopped working on myself.


I just did a Social Media Course, and I was so amped to do something great with it but right now it is just a short course that I have learnt from and not using to better myself.

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Yesterday I booked myself to a Cycle Class at Virgin Active. So tomorrow morning and Sunday morning and Monday after work I am gonna work it, as those classes are no joke!

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Tonight, I am cooking a Salmon dish.

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And I need to spruce up some of my media pages and get my social media freelance work options out there! My sister has said I could test run on her business, so I need to pursue that asap!

I have all the tools I just need to put them to work!!

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June 11, 2023

You are still losing and not gaining so that’s good.  The cycle class will definitely help.  I have an inside bike that I ride for one hour every day.  I am losing weight very slowly too but am just happy I’m losing and not gaining.  I could, and should, work harder and I’d see better results but am just not motivated enough.

That salmon dish looks very yummy!!

I feel like that guy sitting in the rut a lot of days…just not willing to use the ladder to get out.

June 11, 2023

Yip that guy in the rut it not on his own and neither are you with feeling stuck and not using the tools you have at your mercy to get where you need to get.

Yip as long as the scale goes down it is good! But I know I can do more.