Shut Up!

Ever hear a song and you are immediately transported to a time in your life when you heard that song? Okay so there are lots of songs that do that to me…but right now I am listening to Black Eyed Peas’ Shut Up! And I am on Kikar Rabin and it is raining but we; myself and a about 45 other people aged from about 14 to probably about 25 are belting the lyrics while jumping up and down on this muddy terrain.

The Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up – YouTube

What ever happened to good music? Now music is all about dropping it down hot and twerking…or some sing about dancing in hell or even dancing with the Devil…yes Lil Nas X I am talking about you. I can’t get over how people are still allowed to record such music and then have it played countless times on the radio or streamed and then artists are given awards for these dark songs. And then we wonder why kids are going into schools and shooting up their friends and why they are committing suicide (okay so I am sure it is a lot more than what they are hearing on the radio or seeing in music videos) What happened to kids just being kids?

The other day I was speaking to my sister, and she told me such a horrific story. How her son stood up to a bully in school but in the end the Vice Principle came down on him and called in my sister, after she told my 12-year-old nephew that the way he behaved is the reason why so many kids committed suicide and how if this Bully did it would be his fault. Like WTF? My nephew just stood up to him while he chased younger boys around the playground. And little did this teacher know that just a year ago my niece had tried to commit suicide.

Okay so a good moment after listening to a good song, just went dark and toxic. That seems to be life these days…

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March 20, 2023

Usually music transports me to a good place.  Bullies, Grrrr.  Yes, kids are so fragile now.  So many people taking the lives of other’s and themselves, it’s a sad time.

March 21, 2023


March 20, 2023

I love how music can take you to a different time and place…like nothing else can.

March 21, 2023