When You Believe

I am at work….and as usual listening to YouTube and a song comes on….while watching Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston belt out this song, it makes me sad to think that the kids these days and the kids that follow will never get go grow up to tunes of Whitney Houston playing on the radio or when they see pics of Mariah Carey they will just see this pink butterfly fake pop star, who was once an uplifting vocalist and then I suppose money got the better of her.

But anyway…I am listening to ‘When You Believe’ and while singing along, because every child of the 90’s knows this song and tries to hit those notes just like the great queens of R&B can do…thankfully no one else is in the office to hear me break a few glasses…but the words of that song are so meaningful. Not sure how it relates to the Prince of Egypt but it relates to my life and my husband’s life and I am sure many more others too…

This morning while my husband was doing the drive to our works…well to drop me off first, he told me how he spoke to this guy that he works with…funny enough they share names….this guy used to run the rehab home that my husband stayed at for about a month a few years ago. Anyway so this guy told him that he shouldn’t stray away and should know that even though he doesn’t have the rehab anymore that he can always still talk to him and get advice from him, and he is always welcome to go to his house for a braai and chat. He went on to tell him that work isn’t important enough to risk his life and sanity, that he doesn’t need to have friends if they would just lead him the wrong way. He went on to tell my husband that he is not an alcoholic, but he needs to know and learn and respect his limits. He should stop being the boy that wants to do whatever he wants and go against what is right.

I think it is fair for me to say and admit that I was wrong when I said that his work and the people he surrounded himself with were toxic and just brought him down…and I guess with him being stubborn and holding onto that job and his work colleagues I was wrong in thinking that he just wanted to stay in that zone and keep being lead the wrong way…he believed in himself and with our belief in G-d and how he works things seem to be working out now…

There can be miracles
When you believe (When you believe)

I don’t know if it is the good weather that we have been blessed with lately or if it is just the mood that I am in now that my home life is going well…but I feel the urge to work on myself. On Monday I woke up early to do a bit of home working out, before I got showered and ready to go to work…well it is Wednesday now and even though my working out hasn’t happened again, I have been getting the urge to get up and go to gym and work out. Since the light does crack in between the curtain and wake me up early in the morning, there is no reason for me not to get up and go work it out….burn off that sleep and get ready to look good for me and what lies ahead…. so I guess I just…listen to Mariah and Carey….When you believe, somehow you will…You will when you believe

Today my niece turned 17. Shit that means…this time 17 years ago, I was busy writing my final high school/matric exam. I was sheading those childish years and getting ready to become a  young adult. Besides my husband what do I have to show for the past 17 years? I think it is time I made a change in my life. Started making a change. Okay so I cannot make a baby on my own…but I think I should try and do more with my life. Not sure what…maybe I should continue with my studies and really work at getting that ‘Bookkeeping Diploma’….get a new car….I dunno! I guess…

No more procrastinating…

No more being stuck in a rut….

There can be miracles
When you believe

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October 20, 2021

Well…your husband’s friend certainly isn’t wrong.  But I have to say that he is an alcoholic.  He doesn’t know HOW to set those boundaries and until/unless he gets help understanding what those boundaries are, it’s otherwise a standard addict tactic to say they get it then move on when they do not at all get it.  This is where your husband needs professional help to understand what those limits are and where those boundaries should be set.  Addicts don’t know what those boundaries are, and even if they think they do, they’ll blow through them and say they’ll do better next time…when they clearly won’t.

He needs professional help.  And I think that you suggesting it as gently and as non-offensively as you can might help him find that help.

October 20, 2021

@tigerhawk – you are right.  I have sent him links and contacts for professionals, and I have even corresponded with some on his behalf. The only thing I can do is be supportive and leave it up to him. I will keep asking what is going on with therapy, but I can’t force him to go. I am hoping him speaking to this friend will lead him the right way and to a professional.

Hey you gotta hold onto and marvel at the good when you can.

A week no alcohol

A week not fighting

A week of actually spending time together

A week of him working less

It has been a great week after many shit ones.

October 21, 2021

I can’t really add anything to what Tigerhawk said. He pretty much covered it. Your hubby sounds a little like #3 in that I’ve heard the same things said. I hope he will figure it out sooner, rather than later, that he needs to admit it to himself if he really want to change.

October 21, 2021

@caria 💓