How does he love you any different than I did to make you love him more than you did me. We had 20 years of history. Four lovely children and family. I was there to reunite you with your Grandmother and to hold you when she passed. I walked your sister down the aisle because you had no Father. I drove your Mom to appointments and never said a bad word although I was constantly mocked. I gave you a house, treated you as an equal, never asked of you for anything.  My family folded you into their arms, hearts, and soul from day one. I only ever wanted more for you and the kids.

Yet, you pushed me out and brought him in. You have never said why. You have never acknowledged my pain of essentially losing everything. I wasn’t abusive or addicted.  I accepted what you did and didn’t do. You gave a man who raised a family and lived his life mine and haven’t so much as said sorry.

One day is all it took. I hear people as they say things about how “she had been planning this,” yet you showed no signs of unhappiness or discontent. Meer hours before you “pushed” you were hugging and kissing me only to switch off that afternoon.

Then you moved him into my place when I finally believed you needed time to think. This man who is 20 years older, not all that attractive, comes with legal issues, and supposedly “born again” just steps into my/our life and again I ask, how does he love you more than I have?

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February 12, 2020

Sounds heart wrenching. I’m so sorry 🙁

February 12, 2020

@goofykitty4u  thank you. Not used to people seeing it that way. I honestly have no idea how things went sideways and why my “circle” of friends and family think I should shrug it off

February 12, 2020

@newt316 Well it sounds like quite a big thing to just shrug off

February 12, 2020

@goofykitty4u you think? Well I’m still on this side of the dirt. That’s something

February 12, 2020

@newt316 yea the addition of this other person into the equation sounds stressful

February 12, 2020

@goofykitty4u well apparently only for me. Everyone else seems perfectly fine.  I’ll get through, as long as people can deal with my whiney posts

February 13, 2020

@newt316 that’s good having a sense you’ll get through it. Situations like these usually ease with time