Feeling crappy

I’ve been feeling crappy physically lately and it’s making my anxiety worse. I cannot fall asleep and my doctor won’t prescribe anything to help me. I haven’t had a full nights sleep in almost 2 years. Now that I’m out of work, I don’t even fall asleep until 4-5am

I’ve also been eating really badly and it’s making my stomach a wreck. I wish I had the ambition to turn things around. I really just want to go back to work and have somewhat of a normal life.

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I can relate to the jobless sleepless thing. Not having that regular work routine messes us up. I have been off work for over 100 days. Lost my job of 43 years. An emotional mess at times. I find writing helps. No alcohol drugs or junk food helps too. I try to do something productive in my life every day. Some exercise. Little things. All the best!

June 24, 2021

I’m sorry. I often feel like I don’t have enough focus or ambition. 🙁 I think it comes from past trauma, and I’ve been trying to find a therapist to work with me. Mental health help is not accessible, I’ve been actively looking forever, and I have insurance but can’t seem to find someone taking new patients.

On the sleep front, I have some advice (not sure if it’ll help): I try not to eat 3hrs before bed. When I don’t follow that, I tend to have a hard time, and even have nightmares sometimes. I also don’t do caffeine after noon, and mostly do black or green tea, though I LOVE the smell and taste of coffee, so sometimes I have a little. Sniffing lavender oil helps, and taking a bath with drops of it helps even more, to relax at night. Actually, back in the day lavender oil was used as a pain killer in surgery. The other thing that’s always helped me pass out is this particular passion fruit tea (click here for link). I drink it, and in about 30 minutes I’m out. I take daily walks, for 45 minutes; brisk walks, so nothing too crazy. And I love yoga, I do free youtube video classes of it (Yoga with Adriene is great). I feel that exercise helps a lot, like burn it to then rest. But of course everyone is different, just giving you what works for me.

I hope you feel better soon.