Various Things

  • You know what I am enjoying? Since I can now stand for more than a minute or so, I am having to find places to put the three stools I have strategically set around in the apartment! Yea for physical therapy!
  • I got a phone call from one of the fix-it people  here at the apartment complex and he is coming over on Friday to put the ceiling fan in the bedroom, the latch on the front door and the sprayer in the bathroom! He wanted to come tomorrow but I have PT then.
  • When I lived in Vermont, I had very few pairs of shorts and very many jeans. Now I am here in North Carolina which has a very different climate, I don’t have enough pairs of shorts and more jeans than I need! 
  • A couple of weeks ago, I bought a slice of a watermelon. The next time I bought groceries I realized for about a dollar and a half more, I could get a whole watermelon. So, I did, and shared it with Jake.
  • I have got all boxes emptied and everything is somewhere. The majority of the "stuff" is not in its final place but at least it is off the floor and and out of my way. I have one big trash bag I have been filling and I have actually run out of things to put in it so I have decided that even if it is not completely full, I will take it to the dumpster tomorrow. I have got four bags for recyclables. There is one in the kitchen, one right by the computer desk where I am now, one by the art table and one by my desk where I pay bills and other such things in the bedroom. This is working quite well. I have a non-recyclable container in the kitchen which usually needs to be emptied about once a week. At that time, I go around to the four recycle containers and consolidate and then make a trip to the dumpster area. There are two dumpsters, one for recyclables and one for other stuff. Considering it is not mandatory to recycle here in NC, I am pleased to see how many people do.
  • When I was lying on the bed doing my leg and hip exercises this morning, I found I could lift my left leg almost as high as the right leg. {This is the exercise where I lie on my side and lift the top leg.} Now, this ability to get it up high only happened once and then I was back to being pleased to be able to  raise it a couple of inches, but long-time readers might remember how upset I was a few years ago when I couldn’t raise it at all!
  • I need to get myself up, hook up the wireless earphones, turn on some music and get the coffee table and the couch cleared off. I turn my back for a few minutes and "stuff" migrates to these places and settles down there!  The only big job I have left to do is to decide where I want the pictures to go. At the moment, they are parked neatly by the walls in the living room, the art area {which is actually the dining area} and the bedroom.







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July 17, 2013

it sounds like things are falling into place for you. you sound happy. i need more jeans and fewer shorts. take care,

July 17, 2013

It makes me smile to hear you sounding so happy, my friend! Now….go buy some more shorts! (I bought two new pairs over the weekend because I only had two old pairs!) hugs, Nicky

July 17, 2013

Wow I’m so glad that the PT is working so well for you! Congratulations! I wish my mother would be more enthusiastic about hers!

Good for you on the stools. I bought one a few months ago to use at the stove in the rare case I actually cook something on the stovetop. Well, I do cook soup, but don’t have to stand there to do it. I should try your leg lifting exercise. You’fe done so well with it.

July 18, 2013

I always buy two watermelons at a time. I would eat watermelon every day if I could. Hmmm, I may load the dogs up and go to the truck farm – I’m out of watermelon!

We don’t have to recycle here, either. However, people do it even though it isn’t easy. I like reading about your progress.