I Don’t Care If You Don’t Want Me…


Mundy and I are ~kind of~ back together. I told her I’m back in therapy. I didn’t tell her why. I will have to explain the leg in time no doubt. Off to a cracking start again then…thigh slashed up like Freddie Kreuger’s been let loose and only able to open up to Rita, Niamh or on here. Could I be a more ridiculous specimen of humanity? Actually I probably could. Oh and I’ve invited her to come to a Christening back home later this month so that she can meet my best friend.


Mundy’s a nice girl. She could do infinitely better than me. Is this my subconscious somehow rebelling against me having called time on Straight Girl and her nonsense? Or is there something there with Mundy? She’s right we do have chemistry but I don’t have the time nor energy for a relationship with obligations. Maybe it’s not me with the issue here? Maybe this time
It’s a “what the fuck is wrong with her” for settling for my own special brand of pish and nonsense?

As usual all the alarms in my head are screaming out full pelt, and here I am walking on by them and into what will no doubt prove to be another spectacularly terrible idea.

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