(Entry 17) On What makes you happy.

What makes you tick with a smile?


If there is anything 2020 taught me, it is to be happy. No matter what.

Earlier, i used to tie the knot of my happiness with people or things. But as 2020 progressed, i realized that happiness does not have to be in boundaries. Happiness is actually a free ticket to sail through life like a champion.

i have no clue how much this makes sense to you but i sincerely hope that it does. Kindly do not allow your happiness be on the mercy of things/people/thoughts/places. For example,

  • If i get a job, i will be happy.
  • If she loves me back, i will be happy.
  • i will be happy only when i buy my dream home.
  • i feel happiness when my brother/sister/mom/dad respects me.
  • My birthday cake has to be the best to make me happy.
  • i must have 50 friends to be happy,
  • And so on…

i used to look up to people a lot to be able to be happy. i stopped this habit the moment i realized what i am doing. i began being happy on and by myself and regardless of what i am facing in the current situation.

Also, being happy, in my view, does not mean you are smiling all the time or your heart is dancing with joy every minute or only doing things you love to do. Being happy means to be okay in the moment regardless of what’s going on around and inside you.  Being happy means to be satisfied with what you have. By the way, this is the right definition of contentment. i believe that being content puts a huge impact on your mental health. If you are satisfied with what you have then you are at peace and peace directly relates to happiness.

See, contentment, peace and happiness are the best buds.

So, i guess, apart from other identities i don, i am Happy too!

What new identity you have discovered about yourself in 2020? After all, the year was about nothing but survival.

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