The Matlock Legacy

Here we go…

You know? IDKY she is doing that… oh yeah, she’s moonbathing.

Big belly

They (she and Erick) sleep on that couch…


Giving birth in a torture chamber! Ha!!

This be their nanny IosephiOnMe.

OMG Jaxon is exactly like Erick!

Too cute!!

I love the ‘give nap’ action. So sweet. 🙂

Iosephine with baby Jax.

Quiet time with Mommy. 🙂

Festival of Snow in spring?? Oy.



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May 23, 2023

This game looks like fun to play.  What do you play it on?  I should go try it out.  WTH was she giving birth in.  It looks like one of those iron lung things.