Hi. Hello ‘journal’. Hello you, reading these likely to be random and unnecessary thoughts. Thoughts, theories, experiences, notes of self-reflection… all these things that we normally internalize. What purpose is there in externalizing them in any way? Why do I even have this internal dialogue that asks such a question when I so very intentionally made an account on this website, hoping that someone will read my words, not know who I am and perhaps get something from it? What purpose could that fulfill? Is there even a purpose? What IS purpose, at its core?

…okay, so clearly this is more of a self-therapy session.

Or is it me asking stupid questions, hoping for smart answers?

Who knows.

All I know is that if I get my thoughts out on paper, I feel a sense of completion; a sense of relief. Like I’ve said it and it’s out there and it’s done and I can move on.

And I type a hell of a lot faster than I write. Whether or not that’ll yield better or different results, I can’t know for sure. Am I leaving a level of my being hidden by typing all of this? My mistakes; virtually unseen, untraceable. Does that leave a part of who I am behind in my writing? Does my need to review and edit take away from my ability to truly express who I am in written form? Or does it show more of who I am? Or, perhaps, how I want to be perceived by others… or better yet, myself?

I seem to ask myself a lot of questions, because I can’t really be hoping or expecting answers from my journal’s prospective readers… as bountiful as they’ll SURELY be…

As a goal-driven person, I’m surprised I don’t have an end result pictured in my mind as to where this journal will take me. The fact that I’m overanalyzing this so much should be some sort of indicator… of something… right?

TL;DR: I’m new at this, plan to figure it out as I go.

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