Parental abuse

Hi…I am a 20 years old girl…Writing my feelings just feel less sad…

There are happy words we all hear about dad and daughter relationship… I’ve also seen this kind post in fb….. Like

” Dad is the first Superhero in a daughter’s life”

“Dad and a daughter relationship is a very bright supporting relationship”

…….. But in my case it is not….

He is not my superhero… A person who abuse his daughter can not be a superhero…  I feel like cry…..

I always wanted my father to be my support… At my sis wedding ( before 1 year ) he slapped me tight in front of everyone because i didn’t answer his call and he said abusive dirty many slang  ….I am not a baby anymore…I also feel disrespectful …My ear was bleeding by his slap and earring was broken…There were marks of his fingers at my cheeks…And i was carrying heavy weighty bags with me…So i was unable to attend a call…But he just didn’t want to hear anything…. He lost my respect …..I am sorry but i can not…….

There are more incidents like this for which i am in hatred with my dad.
I request to all parents please don’t abuse their children …It is a very bad dead feeling as a child…..It feels very very………bad…



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August 11, 2020


August 11, 2020


I signed up for this diary because I just wrote a letter to my abusive father, and I wanted a place to share it anonymously. Yours is the first post I saw. Having been through abuse myself, I feel your pain. You should never have been treated in these vile ways. I have felt the dead feeling too, recurring despite all my efforts to let it go. I don’t know how fathers can abuse their children. I wish it were a different story for us all. I hope you can know that you aren’t alone.

August 11, 2020

Thank you zr4321 for giving me support… You can share your dark nights with me also privately… I tried to change him but it is just impossible… I cant change him but by sharing my story may future parents not do the same thing as my father does…

August 11, 2020

@simrn01 Thank you ❤ you can message me as well. Yes, it seems like its not possible for them to change…it’s so important to speak out. Keep the courage, my friend.

August 11, 2020

abuse especially when you feel like you are an adult is the worst. i hope you can escape one day and leave his abuse in your past. sending love and prayers <3

August 13, 2020

How old are you? If you are of age, my opinion you absolutely should leave and live life on your own. You don’t have to put up with abuse like that.  Also, what country are you in? I know some cultures are a lot harder toward their women than folks in the USA. That behavior in this country would’ve put your father in jail.   Anyhow, you have friends here. Message me privately any time you want to!  HUGS

August 13, 2020

I am 20 years old Indian girl. In our country parents rule,Girls are shame of parents. I also want to leave my house . But after building my career. Thank you for giving me hope.

August 13, 2020

So sorry you went through that

August 14, 2020

It’s fine because it’s just my fate.

September 3, 2020

I am so sorry to hear this, its heartbreaking when a Father who should be there to protect his daughter resorts to this type of behaviour.

Take care, God bless and stay safe dear Sister.