Catching Up

I finally decided to stop procrastinating and log on and now I just don’t feel like writing… All of the things I wanted to say I don’t feel in the mood to say anymore but, I haven’t been on here since before Christmas so here goes…

Christmas went alright, we just mostly did snack stuff instead of a big dinner and in fact I made these really yummy sliders that I plan on making again in about a week (Thanks Pintrest 🙂 ) The one thing that did bother me was my sister in law (of course) so I had planned on getting her daughter a couple of gift cards (one for Christmas and one for her Birthday with one of them being a Visa Giftcard) so anyways before that we were at Walmart and ran into them and she had shown us what her daughter wanted… One of those polaroid cameras but the Fujifilm one which is a little less expensive than Polaroid. Well those by themselves are like $50 and we usually spend about $25 for Birthday and $25 for Christmas and I was NOT about to get her one gift that costs the total of 2 alone so I had asked my mother in law if she wanted to go in one that and she had agreed. Later on we had both kind of forgotten about it and I was thinking gift cards so she can get what she wants… Well one day our niece messaged me asking me if I knew what she had wanted and I told her we had already gotten her something. She had said “oh ok, I wanted a Visa Giftcard.” and then said she was excited. So Christmas Day as we are all standing there together I had said “Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.” and gave her BOTH cards at the same time in front of her mom. Later her mom had asked if we had gotten her daughter that “camera that she wanted.” I said no and that her daughter said she wanted the giftcard so that is what we got her and then she just WOULD NOT let it go!!! She started saying that she had gotten some of the clips for it and blah blah blah and I said “well maybe she can use one of her giftcards for it that she just got to help to towards it.” Then my husband was just about to say that we could either help get one or get her one sometime and I shot him a “look.” WHY would we have gotten your daughter that camera when she told me what she had wanted? PLUS she spent the right amount (or close to) for our daughter for Christmas and I feel like that is just the standard for everyone. I couldn’t believe after giving her daughter her gifts right IN FRONT of her that she would ask if we had gotten her that camera. It had really upset me. It makes me SO mad that EVERY birthday and holiday even when my husband or I were LAID OFF that we were STILL EXPECTED to give gifts but we don’t expect the same for her when she can’t afford to get our daughter anything and in fact she doesn’t get our daughter anything sometimes for birthday’s and Christmas but we HAVE to… VERY entitled and selfish if you ask me…

Around Christmas time also we had one of our packages sliced open… it was books and they did not want them apparently so they were left on the door  still in the box but upside down so we wouldn’t know (how nice) so we FINALLY bought that camera system RING. I LOVE it!!! We plan on adding more eventually but for now it’s awesome and serves it’s purpose nicely. The electrician just installed that and a few other things a week ago and I got the bill all paid off (which wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be) Basically though, between that and the new front doors and the installation charge and my husband’s unexpected debt he racked up our taxes are GONE 🙁   I also had plans for one of our checks we have coming in but for this month I just have to kiss it goodbye… HOPEFULLY we can start paying my vehicle off faster starting in April since we still owe a lot on it, and after that I would like to pay my husband’s vehicle off because we owe even MORE on that one.

I decided that after taking 4 classes at once not to go back to school this semester… MAYBE in the fall we will see but I need to talk to someone about some of the classes first before I decide. I had planned on taking them ALL online but I may not be able to do that and what’s an Associate Of Arts Degree going to get me around here? I know it’s better than high school but still… PLUS I don’t know if I want to continue after that… I still have a lot of credits so it wouldn’t hurt if I just stopped now. Yes, I have already paid a lot out of pocket but it would be even worse if I kept going and then stopped all the sudden. I guess we will see.

Our daughter has been struggling with some things and that has been very hard and stressful, she is not even a teenager yet. I hope pulls out of this and soon, I hate to see her dealing with what she is going through. I am SO happy we got her talking to someone though. I even found out that she looks forward to going on vacation with us and that she even wants to be like me a little bit. Also that she feels loved at home 🙂  ♥

I am REALLY looking forward to our Vacation and then meeting Backstreet Boys this summer 🙂

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