I haven’t written in a while, I always think about it and then get busy with something else and never end up doing it…

We went to Greece in June and it was AH-MAZING!!! I got to meet my family that we still have over there and they were so wonderful, so amazing, so sweet!!! I hope someday to go  back and stay longer. I felt like I could have stayed at least a few more days. Bad things were happening back home in America so it helped to be away in a different country.

In April, my Uncle Jeff (whom I can’t remember if he was in his late 40’s or early 50’s) committed suicide. He was staying with my Grandparents and had been for a while so my Grandpa had found him, can you imagine??? That was pretty rough even though I wasn’t super close to him I was still very sad and upset by it. He also had a problem with drinking and was in a little bit of trouble. I think he thought what was going to happen was going to be bad and he didn’t want to face it even though it really may not have been. I think people were getting in his head about it and ultimately he thought doing what he did would solve everything, probably not realizing how much worse that makes things 🙁

THEN in June while we were in Greece my Grandma, my FAVORITE Grandma whom I was VERY close to and whom helped take care of us (she and my Grandpa both) when we were little, the Grandma I was NAMED AFTER passed away the day AFTER my daughters birthday. (Thank goodness for that too because my daughter was also close with her and would have had a rough time had it happened ON her birthday for the rest of her life. We kind of knew it was coming but I was still trying to be hopeful that they could help her.

I ALSO CAN’T FORGET that on June 9th my Aunt passes away as well, she had cancer pretty badly and was declining from it. We got to go out and see her back in November (my Uncle and cousin too of course) and I prayed for my Aunt and God healed her enough so that she could watch her daughter graduate High School in May. This was the Aunt and Uncle whom introduced me to my husband. Even though I knew that was coming it was still pretty rough.

Last night my husband and I went on a little get away. We didn’t go extremely far from home just an hour and a half away but nonetheless it was SO nice to get away and we really needed it. He planned it all and that was super nice too. We DID have an incident and thought we night have to come home but thanks to some pretty awesome friends (whom are like family to us) we were able to stay. My husband was pretty pissed off though and I was too because it kind of killed the good time we were having. Basically my mother in law’s husband was being a jerk and their dog wouldn’t settle down because our daughter was staying at their house (it was excited she was there) my mother in law was gonna come to our house but her husband was a jerk about that idea too so we had to quickly find someone to take our daughter over night otherwise we were going to have to drive home. It was like 10-10:30 at night so we would have gotten home very late and it just would have sucked. Now we know in the future not to have our daughter stay with her Grandma overnight. Last night we went for some pizza (which was delicious) and went to a few stores, watched some tv and I sat in the jacuzzi for a while and then this morning we got up and walked the small town we stayed in and ate some delicious doughnuts and came home.

My husband and I briefly talked about getting his vasectomy reversed and trying to have another baby so that our daughter wouldn’t be alone but with what happened and us having a hard time being able to get away for just a night I don’t think we are going to try for it and it’s expensive (at least $3,000-$7,000) and it is not a guarantee that it will work.

That is just some of what’s been going on I guess… I know there is more but I don’t remember everything right now and I should be really getting back to editing my pictures. I took some soccer ones for my daughter and her friend and then RIGHT after that I took some Cheerleading ones with my daughter and 4 of her other friends and I took about 1,300 of the Cheer ones alone and then shortly after that I did Cheer pictures for one of her OTHER friends and took about 800 of those. I haven’t been really working on them lately so I need to get my butt in gear and get back to it. I am a little frustrated because I thought the pictures turned out great (the soccer and cheer ones) but I have not gotten a lot of feedback or followers on Facebook and Instagram so I almost feel like I should just stop taking pictures all together. Maybe I am not that good after all, I can’t seem to find my editing style like most people have… If you want to see some of my stuff so you know what I am talking about or to just creep on it the name on Instagram and for my Facebook Page is Kuusisto Photography

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