We’re Going to Greece!!!

I just booked our trip today and I can not BE (in the voice of Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S)  more excited 😀  I have already started a count down on my phone. I FINALLY get to travel to a place where part of my heritage is from and cross another one off my bucket list. I used our credit and should have most of it paid off by tax season and then HOPEFULLY that will cover the rest! After this we will head back to Norway then after that who knows maybe Bora Bora, or Ireland. I have travel in my soul and seeing the beautiful places that God has created. It feels good to travel places and cross them off my bucket list, I feel accomplished.

I’m getting anxious and excited for school to start. I have to pay $600 more and my tuition will be all paid- my books are also already paid for and I just have to pick them up before the semester starts. I already know that my bonus will cover that last part so I am not worried (which is another reason why I booked the vacation. I just want to complete this degree so I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m already wondering when I can start making pre-payments for the next semester and I have classes on my wish list. I might not take as many classes but I have it mapped out on what I want to take next.

Had a great weekend, got to meet Jordan Feliz again, then met (for the first time) Hawk Nelson (both on my Birthday) and then the next day met the main singer from the band (We are Messengers) he was SOOOO sweet and told my daughter and I that we are both pretty. LOVE his Irish accent too.

I would love to pay this vacation off and then start again with paying things off faster, When I went to book the vacation I had to re-enter something so I went back and did that then when I went to re-book again it was $2,200 CHEAPER!!! I HAD to jump on that and fast so I did and now I don’t feel so bad booking it. I am still trying to stay in the mindset of not caring about buying material things and more vacations and fixing up our house. I just need to try and keep training my mind and staying focused. I did have to get a new band for my fitbit today because my other one broke and I had to tape it. I don’t like not having my Fitbit on me because even if I don’t do my goal everyday I like to see what I did do and it’s a nice watch/text notification reminder.

I’m feeling pretty good right now 🙂


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