How I Dropped 9 Dress Sizes in 8 Months…

Many people who have been trying unsuccessfully for years to lose a few pounds or a significant amount of weight will probably relate to the remark that losing weight is not simple. Additionally, how do you intend to keep the weight off after you’ve shed it? Diets come and go, and some of them are quite popular for various reasons.

This is my story of how, in less than a year, I managed to shed 80 pounds and 9 dress sizes by following The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan.

I am a proud mother of a lovely girl. I am 51, and my heaviest weight at that time was over 210 pounds, which qualified me as very obese. I lost too much weight because The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan worked so well. Many members of my family were concerned when I dropped as low as 118 pounds.

My weight right now is 130 pounds. I’m happier than ever since I can now take my daughter on short hikes, fun runs, and other outings where we can exercise together. We have discovered that doing this not only helps us stay in shape, but also helps us bond.

The Beginning

I was an overweight youngster. I’ve been overweight ever since I can remember. A healthy child in my nation is one who has fat cheeks, a lovely little belly, and floppy arms. My eating patterns weren’t good. In my own country, rice is a mainstay cuisine, therefore I’m accustomed to eating it at every meal. Each meal would consist of 1-2 cups of rice and some fried meat, generally chicken or pork.

Just to sate my hunger, that’s 1,000 calories in one sitting.

Everything was OK until I turned into a teenager who was really self-conscious. We all know that when we are teenagers, we begin to be particular about what we wear and the image we want to project to the outside world. I had a few crushes in school, but I was aware that because of how I appeared (I was extremely overweight), no boy would ever see me favorably.

I experimented with many diets, as do most ladies. Everything from restricting myself to only eating vegetables for a short period of time, to starving myself by eating only crackers, to counting every bite of food I ate, to experimenting with various juice cleanses that claim to “detox” your body, and ostensibly aid in weight loss. What’s this? Some would function, but as soon as I stopped, the weight returned.

Until I was in my late 20s, I followed these diets and eating patterns. I was in serious need of something that would genuinely function at that point.

The Realization

When I had to go to my best friend’s wedding and had nothing to wear, I recognized I was unhealthy and utterly unhappy with how I looked. Not only that, but none of the shops had anything in stock that would fit when I tried to go dress shopping! The reception was situated in an outside garden that needed some walking, which made issues worse. I was so heavy that after only five minutes of walking, I was worn out.

I was unhappy when I saw pictures of myself after the wedding. I couldn’t believe I was the overweight girl in the photos! I made the decision to change my diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle for both my child and myself at that very moment.

I was told by a friend to look into a diet that she had seen on Facebook. I distinctly recall asking her, “Will this diet make me start eating like a bird again?” This is what I came to anticipate because I was so used to diets that promised weight loss if you ate less. I became persuaded to try The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan after learning more about it.

The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan

What is The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan, exactly? A low-carb diet is what the keto diet is known for. Your body produces insulin in response to carbohydrate intake. The hormone insulin is made to help the body store fat (among other things). Your body will utilize the carbohydrates in your diet for energy first, and any extra will be stored as fat. When you stop consuming carbohydrates, your liver converts the stored fat into a fuel known as ketones.

This indicates that your body won’t store fat; instead, it will utilize the fat you already have as fuel. The ketogenic diet, low-carb diet, low-carb high-fat (LCHF), and frequently just “the keto plan” are additional names for this eating regimen.


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The Journey

My diet path was challenging overall. Because there are so many delicious temptations, I say “difficult”! Imagine attending a gathering when some of your favorite meals are presented, but you are unable to consume the majority of the treats! I shed a total of 80 pounds with consistent exercise and a low-carb diet, and I was able to wear extra tiny shirts without feeling self-conscious.

The first half of the struggle is weight loss. The second half involves keeping that weight off. On the whole, I’ve cut out chips (I attempted to snack on healthier foods that are allowed on the diet instead), stopped drinking sugary drinks (other than on very rare occasions), and started making the appropriate meal selections. I also set a weekly objective that if I eat healthily the other six days of the week, Sunday will be my cheat day. By the way, having a cheat day does not include overindulging in your favorite foods; rather, it refers to eating them in moderation.

I believe that the main reason I was able to succeed this time when I had previously failed so many times was that a low carb/keto diet allowed me to eat until I was full. Generally, I didn’t feel hungry. Even though some days I felt more hungry than others, I never felt famished like I frequently did on the other diets.


I feel more self-assured now that I’ve shed so much weight. Since I developed a more upbeat approach, that confidence has spread to my work, personal life, and how I view life in general. My skin looks radiant, and my bloat has disappeared! I can now walk over long distances and climb stairs without becoming fatigued. For the first time, I wasn’t too exhausted from walking great distances when I was able to participate in a 5-kilometer fun run. To keep things interesting and new, I enrolled in many fitness classes (Zumba, yoga, Crossfit).

Start With a Goal In Mind Now

What is it that you wish to accomplish, ask yourself? Only you are qualified to respond to this query. Are you trying to lose weight for your health? Would you like to once more fit into your old clothes? Set a goal before you begin. Believably, I had a strong urge to lose weight, and it kept me going when I wanted to indulge in sweets or gorge excessively on a cheat day. It makes no difference if you want to make a complete change or only lose a few pounds. Search online for before and after pictures of people who have successfully lost weight if you need some real inspiration.

You can also join some of the communities, groups, or forums dedicated to weight loss that share your objectives. Many of these may be found on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can make new acquaintances and maintain motivation by joining groups. You may find support when you’re having those inevitable bad days—face let’s it, we all have them—as well as share recipes and workout advice.

In general, you can only change when you make the decision to do so, set objectives, commit to achieving them, and work hard and diligently to do so. I hope my tale has motivated you to pursue your own objectives and wish you success as you embark on your weight loss journey. You can accomplish it if I can!

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