Busy Me

Day 1 of my new weekly workout regimen and so far it seems harder but I’m sure K knows what she’s doing and I’ll just stick with it. After the gym, I swung by the store and picked up some stuff to make chicken broccoli braids to have with DnD tonight and then went home to start cleaning.

I reached out to my aunt Joyce to see how things went with hospice yesterday and she said they set her up with a bed and whatnot but that Joyce still has to take care of her. I had thought hospice would at least provide some sort of care but Joyce said it was just her, and she was just a banker who didn’t know what she was doing. Since I used to be a caregiver I offered to come up when I could and help her out and Joyce seems like she would at least like some sort of help. So I’m going up there tomorrow to sit with grandma and be there if she needs anything. I’ll bring my crocheting and hope my father either hides from me or at least isn’t too awful to me.

I managed to get the housework done that I could manage, prepped the food so I could just pop it into the oven when we were ready to have it, and have a shower. Then got things set up for DnD and was ready for Caspar and Pigeon’s arrival. We had a good session, Caspar was less flustered and they made some progress, and I feel like a good time was had by all.

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