Retail Therapy and Cleaning

I missed a day. Yesterday was actually kind of nice. My original plan was to go to the gym early, get some schoolwork done, and then maybe go to Powell’s. I did go to the gym early, but schoolwork was stressing me out and I just did the one assignment that was due today. Then Reed and I went downtown, saw a depressing movie about a girl’s complex relationship with her father that I was not in the mood for, and went to Powell’s.

While there I finally figured out how to navigate their cookbook section to find things I might want. I found a review copy of the Feast Day Cookbook from 1951 with a letter inside from the author to the person it was sent to as well as a copy of a Louisiana cookbook by the Junior League of Baton Rouge. After Powell’s, we walked over to the Japanese/manga store and I bought a little kitty incense burner that turned out to be way more expensive than I expected.

Today after the gym I got to cleaning. Reed and I did manage to work out a new financial arrangement for my housekeeping yesterday that I think made both of us breathe a little easier and I was ready to get to work. At noon I had therapy and boy did I have a ton of stuff to talk to her about. There were good, positive things to talk about and we talked about managing my stress. I got the house clean in record time, we had burgers for dinner, and tomorrow I go back to work.

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