Solving a Mystery

This morning I woke up feeling perfectly fine. I weighed in and I had lost about another pound, and the fancy scale said I had lost fat and gained muscle. I got up and made myself some malto meal with eggs and chia seeds and raisins and honey. Had some green tea. Then started catching up on my schoolwork, knocking out about five assignments before it was time for me to leave for my gym appointment with K.

K and I sat down to discuss my new workout routine and K uncovered the mystery of my 2-day full body shutdown – it was CNS fatigue from working out too hard. I didn’t even know that was a thing and now that I do I don’t want it to happen again because it is awful. K set me up with a different plan for each day of the week, alternating my cardio, working all my muscle groups, and making sure I get recovery time in as well. Now that I know what’s wrong with me and have a solid plan for the future I’m feeling a little better about things. At least about gym things.

After my gym workout, I went home and talked to Judy on the phone for almost 45 minutes because Reed was at his appointment. I did a little more schoolwork and then got started on my dinner. We watched Mythic Quest and had dinner and I went on my after dinner walk. I waited all evening for my new glasses to come in but they didn’t show up with the other mail even though the tracking said they were still out for delivery.
They showed up after I had gone to bed, so I got up and went to get them. They fit well and are nice-looking, just not as outlandish as my previous pair.

Overall a solid day, with no text messages of doom, no weird feelings of hopelessness, and a lot of stuff accomplished.

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