A better day today

Yesterday (Sun 23 May) was a bad day. Don’t know why. I got up with no energy, and just discovered that I forgot to take the meds the previous night. All the hiccups with the fb group made me upset and then forget to take my meds.


I spent a good portion of the day to cry. I viewed the memories and the old emails and cried again. Till my eyes hurt. I took a short nap, and got up with a bad headache, an unfinished dream and still feeling sad.

Later in the afternoon, i felt a little bit more energetic, and I just wandered around struggling to lift my mood up. Then i made change to that fb. That would be our next contact from now on. No messenger. Strictly. I decided against using messenger at all for that fb. So why do i use it, anyway? At least, even only with public communication, it is still more direct. And in our mother tongue. 🙂

Will try to lift myself up and have a better day today.

Love you! Have a great week!

Vivid Memories

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