It’s the last day of Hanukkah and, Christmas is over for another year. I think that this years festivities was great. 🙂 I didn’t get much in the way of presents, but the rest was good… and that’s all that counts, plus I can get my own gifts in the new year! 🙂 

It’s early in the morning… and my mouth is dry. I will need to get some water soon. I need to get some clean clothes too. 🙂 All in due time.

Can I ask y’all something? Do you know someone with an odd name? Like The Cleveland Show’s Holt Anne Richter and Glee’s Kurt Elizabeth Hummel? I really don’t… except for those two characters. Just methinks….

I am going to relax today. I get bathed by another PSW tomorrow… bc Liz has her days off. Babycakes is going to borrow my laptop bag until she can get her own. She’s bringing her lappy with her to her parents today… they do the Christmas thing Boxing Day bc Kerry didn’t get into Newmarket until this morning… her flight from Winnipeg was delayed a bit… must be colder than, well.. idk but it does get colder than us in the prairie provinces. 

BC is getting their fair share of the white stuff speaking of, they ain’t used to it but they have it. Heh.

What’s new in the lives of my wonderful readers?


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December 26, 2022

My niece is pregnant and she told us what the baby’s name is going to be and dang it I can’t remember but it’s very weird.  When I remember I’ll tell you.

Just a quiet day today.  Kinley will leave to go home and I’ll miss her so much.  I love it when she’s here.  I will clean some but mostly just relax and eat leftovers.  Jose’ makes the best dressing…think I’ll have some of that for breakfast.

December 27, 2022

@happyathome Dressing for breakfast! I want some. Love that. 🙂 Kinley is the one that lives in West Monroe right??

December 26, 2022

My old boss named his daughter Avery, which isn’t unusual, but it’s unisex because I’ve met male Averys as well. There’s the actress Evan Rachel Wood; I always thought Evan was a boy’s name. But, you know, with gender fluidity being more accepted and people being open to letting their children decide their own sexuality, maybe names will also become more fluid?

I’m glad you had a good holiday season, Sammy! Enjoy this wonderful week between Christmas and New Year’s.

December 27, 2022

@darkmadonna Yes, things are changing with the times. You too!!