Can’t make this stuff up

I am <insert different word than dumbfounded here> because I have done some more research. And I found out more information about my mother that I never knew. Thanks to a government census, in 1950, my mother, her husband #3 (who I didn’t know anything about until recently as well as the fact that he was my biological father), as well as my older brother, lived at the same house that my grandfather left me in his will. My mother never mentioned that she had lived in that house before.  We lived in that house while I was in high school and eventually my mom and step-dad (husband #6) moved out when I was 21 and I took possession of the house. I eventually sold the house.

My mom told me that my grandfather left the house to me and my cousin and that my mom bought my cousin out leaving me as the sole owner of the house. I don’t know what money she used to buy out my cousin unless my grandfather left her some money. She never said. One thing about my mother, I learned very early on is that you never asked personal questions. She’d tell me it wasn’t any of my business.

Earlier this year, my brother and I were talking about our grandparents and he mentioned that he was surprised he didn’t get anything after our grandfather passed away. I thought that was strange, too. My brother is 11 years older than me. He would spend every summer with our grandparents at the coast working on our grandfather’s fishing boat. He spent way more time with our grandparents than I ever did. Our grandmother died when I was 4. The fact he didn’t receive anything is a surprise to me.

Anyway, I keep finding these gems of information that just shake me to my rotten core. There’s no one alive to ask any questions and I keep asking myself just who the heck were you, Mom?

So I’ll either write a screenplay or some short stories.

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November 30, 2022

aren’t moms good at hiding family secrets? pretty sure my mom will take 90% of  the info she’s supposed to tell me to her grave- I resonate with this- thanks for sharing

November 30, 2022

Hmm… well, my granddad left me out of his will and I never saw what my nan left me bc my mother is a conniving quack. 🙁

December 4, 2022

I found out I have a brother I’ve never met.  My mom had a baby that she gave up for adoption about a year before my twin sister and I were born.  When I found out about this she was already gone…she died of lung cancer when I was 14.  It was so hard not having her here to talk about it, to ask about him.  I hate secrets.

December 5, 2022

I wonder, maybe your brother wasn’t left anything because of the way many thought back then (and to this day) that if you are male you can take care of yourself.  Just a thought.