Yesterday was meh

Yesterday I pretty much kept myself busy. Didn’t want to think about last year but it was a constant thought. No worries I was good. I didn’t bring it up and I definitely didn’t lash out at him. I was feeling a bit under the weather and ended up crashing pretty early anyway.

He and I talked like we normally do. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary other than him having to help his mom clean out some junk so his sister would have somewhere to stay. His sister moved back home and is going through a divorce. Hopefully she will find her own place eventually. She is a bit pushy with everyone and she drinks a lot he says.

I told him finally about my clinical depression yesterday. After a few years I thought it was about time I told him. I thought by telling him maybe he will have a better understanding of why I am the way I am. He seemed ok about it. I’m not at my lowest point right now and if anything makes me go in that depressed state I usually hide it. I’m slowly getting lower but I plan to ask to be put on more meds and I’m probably going to go back to therapy. I’m also planning to talk to the doc about switching my anxiety meds. I need something that does a better job.

After we talked about it our conversation went back to our usual conversation. He didn’t really have questions about it. We did talk about seeing each other again because it has been a while. Wouldn’t be so bad if we lived near each other. This whole living miles away is rough.





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