How are my darlings these days? 💕

Hello, how are you this fine morning? I am good. 🙂 Slept like a baby… I am actually sleeping better now that I have the Trazodone and the Lithium. 😀 Cool beans, as my sister Bees would say…  🙂

Today I have my bath and weekly meeting on Zoom. It should go off w/o a hitch bc Lilly is rather new. 🙂 Bees wants to to order tonight, so I don’t think we will have dinner here… I am going to order a pizza sub… bc I haven’t had pizza in a long time… it’s better than ordering a huge panzo, y’know??

I knew that Trump would kick up a fuss. He is very jealous of Granddad Biden. Shame on him!!!! Sore loser!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!



Edit: I found this… 

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December 17, 2020

Hope your weekly meeting on Zoom goes well.