I wasn’t prepared for that.

I might dehydrate. My ex father in law watched my daughter today. I went to pick her up and he met me at the door. That one hurt! I named my daughter after him and now I am not even welcome in the house. I am sure that was more his wife, I don’t know how I surprised by this. We are a product of our environment right. I stopped playing by the rules, she is making waves. I’ll start a fucking hurricane for my baby. You triggered her daddy issues today, J is off the hook showing up 20 minutes late for life.  My Aunt is back in town. She is coming to visit me and baby girl tomorrow.  I will try to be done with my melt down by then. Can I just be angry and play some Girls in the Hood? No? Fine!

I grew up to Reba anyway. My mom loved Reba

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