The Rabbit Hole Is Waiting

5:39 pm

I’m trying my hardest to be positive right now. It baffles me how someone can change so much so fast. I question myself; has this person always been like this? Am I just now noticing it? I must have been asleep…

I guess I’m finally “awake” now. I find myself on the edge of wishing I was still asleep though. But who would want to spend their life with someone who isn’t the person that they gave their heart to in the beginning? Guess we’ll see what happens. I’m still standing on the edge of today’s rabbit hole…let’s hope I don’t fall.



-Anonymously Honest ♥

(aka: -AH)


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November 21, 2019

Hope you find that person someday… people do change but some change like speed of lightning ….. I relate to you on this point.. Am i really that unaware of my surroundings or it happened soo fast that i missed the opportunity to see it sooner

November 21, 2019


I honestly thought the person that I’m currently with was that “person“. He makes me feel so alone and we live together! We’ve been together for 7 years, started dating as teens, and became adults together. I complain about the negative ways that he makes me feel but yet I do nothing about it. I mean, of course, I voice the problems to him but my words fall on deaf ears. Something has got to give… But honestly, I can’t picture my life without him. I don’t even remember what it was like without him… Sad isn’t it? 😖


November 21, 2019

@anonymouslyhonest Its pretty sad to be honest.. But I may not be best relation advice giver ever but all i know never live with someone who doesnt listen or even appreciate the smallest things in you… If he really makes you feel alone then he isn’t that person for you… I am pretty sure you cant imagine your life without him but someone who just bring you emotional pain isn’t worth it.. maybe it will hurt in the beginning but believe by time you will find like a burden taken of your shoulders.. because frankly being in a relationship with someone that you will put all your effort in but still feel alone isn’t worth it…

Hope you find the one and  someone who truly  makes  you happy and appreciate you for you no matter what