A Walk A Day?

As I mentioned previously I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic at the beginning of May 2021. It really threw my world into turmoil. The same day I was diagnosed I also found out I got a job that I had applied for at my current company. Talk about an overwhelming day! I know many, many people live with type II diabetes and survive but I didn’t want to be one of them. I didn’t want to have to worry about what I ate or check my blood sugar simply because I felt like it made me feel old. For the first time in my life I feel like an old person and I don’t want to. I know that may sound stupid or maybe even conceited but I’ve seen up close what getting old is like and to be quite honest I’m not sure if want any part of it.

The day after I was diagnosed I went for a walk with my dog. More than just a stroll around the yard, he and I went around a neighborhood loop that I used to do quite regularly. It felt really good and it was the first time I’d taken him on that loop since I got him. I felt kinda bad for that. He gets plenty of exercise during the week but it’s not with me. Since then we’ve done that loop, and different loop, at least once a day but usually twice a day. Walking makes me feel good and walking with my dog makes me feel even better. Yes, I consider myself a pet parent and yes my dog is my best friend. I’m ok with that and when I got him I had planned on being “that guy” who takes his dog everywhere that he’s allowed. I haven’t done that. He’s got a bit of a barking issue when we’re out and about and he sees other people. It’s totally my fault and my failure to acclimate him to that environment. But, anyway, that’s not what this post is about.

I’ve been walking at least twice a day now for almost a month and I’ve expanded out from my neighborhood to a park that’s close-ish to my house. My plan with the new role is to do a walk every morning at this park and then go back home and get ready for my work day. The new role will allow me to have a better work/life balance and at this point I have to prioritize my health over everything else. I don’t want to end up on insulin or lose a limb due to my lack of discipline. (SideNote: I know that a lot of diabetics are unable to manage their conditions with just diet and exercise but at this point in my journey it looks like I will be able to do that so when I say things about discipline just know that I am only referring to myself.) If I’ve learned anything in the corporate world it’s that “The Company” doesn’t give a shit about you, and you can be replaced. So from here on out my health, both physical and mental, come first. If that means finding a new job at a different company then so be it.

This post was kind of all over the place but whatever. What it boils down to is my health and well being trump any company that I will ever work for. I see and understand that now and I will do what I need to do to fix my health and make my life better.

Talk Soon.

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