You broke me

I will never give you the satisfaction of knowing what you did to me.

From Day 1 I kept telling you no. We were better friends because I KNEW you would never change. You convinced and took over my life. We had an agreement that YOU broke!

How dare you!? Who do you think you are? I have known you for 13 years. You KNEW what had been done to me in the past. Instead you followed his playbook and did the SAME EXACT THING! You made me feel stupid when IM THE ONE THAT WENT TO COLLEGE! You made me feel like I could not speak. You made me change my entire life FOR YOU! Little did I know you were slyly getting me exactly where you wanted me to be. No job, No car, No one to turn to. Pregnant.

Then, you cheated. You broke me and instead of being a MAN about it you screamed at me, told me I was nothing without you, told me that I’m a piece of shit, I’m crazy, etc. YOU MADE ME CRAZY! You made me paranoid and insecure about myself. And then look, I’m left in tears with police surrounding me as I CRIED MY EYES OUT because you threw me around like a rag doll while PREGNANT with your child!

As I struggle to pick up the pieces and fix my life that you helped destroy, you tell people I’m a liar and you didn’t do anything when there is a VIDEO of everything you did and said that night. Low and behold, little to my knowledge, you have a history of hurting woman… physically. Broke a girls back?

That woman never got justice for what you did to her and I am sure the courts won’t do me any justice either.

I hope you remember everything you did when I am raising MY baby and protecting him from ever knowing who you are. I know you will just tell everyone I’m hiding, It’s not your baby, I’m keeping the baby from you. That’s what you do. You are never the bad one.

Now here I am with no car, no job, no money, no self worth, and pregnant trying to pick up with pieces while having horrible depression and PTSD.

I hope you rot in hell and I pray to god you never cross my path again.

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