It’s been years since I’ve seen you

but I think of you often

today, I seen you unexpectedly

I was a juror and you were one of the cases

I tried not to look at you

I noticed when you were talking  about your case you were rocking and turning in your chair

My brain automatically went straight to

“is he nervous because I’m in the room?”

then I remind myself

that’s it’s something I just made up

you do not want me

you are not mine

even though my brain mistook your nervous tick being because I was there

I realized for the first time since I met you

my heart didn’t skip a beat when I seen you

my breathing didn’t increase

my hands didn’t shake

I didn’t blurt out anything stupid

I sat there and listened

as if you were some stranger

And I realize that maybe, just maybe

you are a stranger after all

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February 11, 2022


February 12, 2022

You don’t need that shit. 😮 But if this is a poem, then yeah… but srsly? Nope.