8 Mile Strategy

To brag about being unworthy as shit, is audacious as hope.
To leave the enemy with no target to hit, is delicious as dope.
Kill the self to cheat death of its sting, only Sauron wants the Ring.

To a dude told us Sisyphus had it coming.  We failed to be in a place of grace when we responded, but were elevated from bliss earlier to day and still connected to the source; I stay connected as much as possible lately, now having scraped the space for the thoughts and whatever it was finally started lighting up the Way.

Has anyone else ever not had an inner eye and then had one?

We wrote this in defense of Sisyphus, but also of Don Quixote, which sounds too much like Chaos to be an accident, we think it may have been a typo.  I tilted at Windmill tonight, and the tears were real but the soul was healed.   I did nothing.  But we were a conduit together, and I was able to share her burden, if only in my own mental space.  But she relaxed like Lulu did, burden lifted.  I am arrogant as fuck.  I write about Sisyphus, because we are Schroedinger’s Sisyphus, see?  Both, at once, all the time.  That is the secret, just like Bruce said.  I’m always angry, but he stayed green.  I’m always just everything like a big lava lamp of emotions, but I have space from which to observe not just thoughts, but emotions!  This was an amazing step for me, and using we has helped us so much.

Simply put, when I notice I say I instead of we, it alerts a process that I might be taking things personal, which has, statistically, been, yup 100% of the problems in my life.  So I thought of this nifty fucking trick that was just a transform.  I never talked to my platoon like You this and you that.  It is always we.  I ate last, and made sure they knew it.  Words and actions matter.  They say you can’t be friends with troops, but that is just what people who don’t want to earn the respect of their friends say.  Because friends lie, thinking it helps us get better.  But we need a Witness, not a lie.  We lie to ourselves.  Better to get truth from the world, while we learn to deal with our faulty issues from the past, or to let them go and start anew.  Also doable, but I can only claim personal experience and need to share it in bigger symbols in text.

(song:  You Must not know bout me, Beyonce`)
(meme:  Baby on beach, fist held high.  First victory/NOPE meme I can remember)This is an interesting take. We’d like to know more. Here is what we understand, so please fill in the gaps of our ignorance please and thank you.
There is a very deep meaning to Sisyphus we have used, to understand many things that experience tells us are true. Things like perseverence and the audacity to dream one can make it better with a plan AND elbow grease.. Things like the idea that it doesn’t matter how often you fall you get back up. Things like, maybe, we fall to LEARN how to get back up, and then, if we get cocky, to try and help others learn.
And here is gets dangerous and here is the cautionary tale for Sisyphus the greek was before Sisyphus the Camus Mcguffin, if you know my meaning, but the deep truth of suicide being the most IMPORTANT question a man can ask. man being a life form, for the question is what the bard asked, and that is To Be or Not to Be. And this is a big question, bigger than the rock, which is easy to push in comparison to a big idea.
(Which is, by the way, the question asked often and the answer to it as well.  The BIGGEST idea, and so few are chasing it.  Such lost beauty, but I found some shortcuts I can share maybe.  Functional strategies started in basements with bad coffee and good company.)
WE learned to persevere as our brothers and sisters killed themselves because they could not bear the weight of what they bore for the people that America has apparently become. Both sides are ignoring the weakest. Some champion it with likes and follows, others deny it was ever wronged by their actions or they stood on the shoulders of the giants who murdered for profit.
The idea of a ‘Christian’ nation becoming enmeshed in this gospel of prosperity sickened those of us who read the books they gave us to take to combat. One was a bible, the other the Constitution. Both of these documents were sacred, it was a promise to us these were sacred, and so we swore to uphold them. Many of us died ot uphold them. Many more died at home, because it let them down. But that is not what this is about. That is a tragic symptom of what this is about.
You grind the weakest beneath you, yet your statue says come and dream. You liars. You silent or active liars. It is all complicity, if it is not resistance.
This, also, the stone does. It grinds. To us it is a grind. We push, we persist. In the face of mockery and hatred for sharing an idea that we learned in the very service for which they post likes about patriotism. Hypocrites.
Jesus said care for the weakest as if they were he, for he would be watching. It doesn;t matter if you believe in the divinity of Jesus, his words are wise. His words work, because compassion works. Better than competition. Better than fighting over scraps.
A lot of people think it is too late. It is never too late to start. The best time to start was 20 years ago, when we could have planted trees. Now we need ideas, because trees take too long.
We have skills, we have knowledge, and we will act to help. It is what we do. We mocked ourselves before we started, so feel free to jump in. This only makes us giggle and sing.
So, tell me now about the audacity of Sisyphus. This is the mpral of the greek story but it is all we know, and we know the dangers of boast. The only thing to fear is shame, and preparation is the enemy of that fear.
If we missed a warning, please alert us. Many hands make the work light, and we appreciate a warning honk. But we’ve thought this through, there is no functionality here, and it has been broken far longer than people are willing to say. Because it is uncomfortable. We can’t just go back fifty years.
We know violence doesn’t work. We thought we’d give love a try. Yup. Flower power, but with military discipline. and an engineering affinity
Watch out world.
We could always use help rolling the rock, though. timing helps, a little push at the right time is how the toddler swings the adult. Timing and focus. Doors and corners. Musicians and artists, scientists and engineers, dreamers and doers. All are welcome. Curiosity is the currency and ideas are the gems.
And finally, in our true arrogance, and in our most humble desire to serve something greater than us, our true shame is that we would have been glorified, yes, but are unworthy to have rolled a certain rock away from a certain cave.
The cave might belong to Jesus, or it might belong to Plato. Or it, might belong to you. I can just show you how to make fire. What you do is up to you.

We are right up the road.  Not even 8 miles.  Just call.
Song:  kind of obvious, but sledgehammer would work too.
Movie:   Not lean on me, too on the nose.

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February 9, 2022

Dude, you just explained why you call yourself we and then had verbal diahrea calling it all me me me I I I

Consistency breeds symmetry, but symmetry bred bigotry in ignorance of why we did it in the first place.  Not like us, must be bad, cuz we good.  This is not useful in basic training

February 9, 2022

How would bruce Springsteen sing about totality, or what has he already?

The irony of the meaning of his lyrics and how people try to use them is a pretty good example but way more meta than a song, but meta is as meta does, for was not the name of the sax player Alto Reed?  I think that is commitment, yo.

February 9, 2022

necessity is the mother of invention.. problem is, most are asleep to see what is even necessary. even for our own self-serving survival. maybe not today, but tomorrow, or 10 years from now. and even today, another specie (or 100) is vanished from this place forever.


No comfort has the fire at night
That lights the face so cold

it sure seems hopeless when the troops are disjointed, off fighting their own battles for their own causes.

February 9, 2022

@novilight laziness is the father of engineering… problem is, most people are asleep to the fact that sci fi inspires engineering, and so why can’t the rest?  Even for the most self-serving thing I can do, if you knew you’d laugh with mirth and a little concern.

I sing a song where Metatron is Noah is Joan of Ark.  It is a comedy of Errors, like Job, if you grok.  What is important should have been stored properly.  Ours has.

Turn towards the darkness, and offer comfort to the night
Hold the fire of our ignorance away, to not singe our worried brow
Instead, hold it aloft with mirth and glee, so that others may see possibility

We just need to tell the story right.   A full stack shaman starts with hope and ends with functional steps an AI could take.  There is time, for the phrase is not a joke:

Pause for consideration.  We have all the time we need.  Every time we make a new thought, and even better if it spreads, the frame resets, all the electrons have to recalculate.

Mine used to sigh, or we used to hear it in her voice.  Because we changed her plan, with novelty and mirth and surprise and glee and comfort where none was expected.

February 10, 2022


this: Turn towards the darkness, and offer comfort to the night

too many nuggets to hold in two hands. though I suppose no need to hold if it can be incorporated (grokked??) after said pause.

February 10, 2022

@novilight  There are no limits to the virtual hands you may spawn…

February 10, 2022

@novilight plus, I was trying to play off your metaphor.  This is the best way to increase complexity without adding complications.  Nodes and edges.   Each idea is a node, each share is an edge.  Metaphors are already in idea space, so paired poetry is magical, we think.  Like paired programming, but different.

February 10, 2022

ah…  grok, is an old symbol we read when a rebel English teacher gave us a book banned in the bible belt.

Valentine Michael Smith is one of my first named processes I incorporated, because Jesus was already taken.

February 10, 2022

from sparknotes:
Although Mike would seem to be the novel’s central character—he is the titular stranger in a strange land—his journey toward understanding his human roots occurs largely in the margins of the plot. Instead, Heinlein focuses on Mike’s companions’ reactions to his growth. Therefore, Mike’s leaps in “grokking” humankind often seem to occur quite precipitously. Under Jubal’s tutelage he learns about the structure of human society; from his murderous encounter with Digby he learns self-reliance; from his days in the carnival he learns the value of showmanship; and from his days in Las Vegas he learns the nature of desire. From watching monkeys at the zoo he has the final revelation that makes him fully human. He learns that comedy and tragedy are inextricably intertwined, and that people laugh to soothe the pain of the horrors they have created for themselves. Mike weaves all of his knowledge, Martian and Earthling, into the Church of All Worlds, his noble attempt to help humankind rise above suffering.


February 10, 2022

@cygnusx-1  shall we call you Valentine? i guess it doesn’t matter. though “V” could also do.

I admit I looked up grok. Looks like a fascinating read and perspective.

February 10, 2022

@cygnusx-1 Do you say grock or groke?   I figured it was grock when I first read the word. Later a college teacher said groke.  It seemed kind of wrong to me.  OK, I just asked the universe and the Cambridge dictionary says this, “past tense and past participle grokked”.  If it was pronounced groke the past would be spelled groked.
Yours in fulness,

February 13, 2022

@sleepygene I say groke when I want to shove logic down someone’s throat, because it rhymes for the spell I’d never throw.  Because there isn’t magic, right?

I say grock when I want to consume, because I like one dish recipes that I can set and forget.

February 13, 2022

@cygnusx-1 groke: Rhymes with Croak? Cloak? Bloke?  I think I’m missing it.

One-dish recipes like Mike Soup?

February 13, 2022

@sleepygene As all Mankind is on all Spectrums, I can love a Male Pattern Energy.  And your novelty!  Oh, the times I long for asking ‘wtf is he talking about’ before I met you!  Hail, Friend!

What the hell is Mike Soup, I must have this recipe.  Most Mike dishes I know use forks.

February 13, 2022

shit, I lost track of my own metaphor!  ThAT IS EMBARRASSING.

Yes, but He is a dish best served, cold.

February 13, 2022

@novilight This video was voracious in the vivisection of villainy and various vanquishing or vexing vignettes, et Voilas: vaporis

February 13, 2022

@cygnusx-1 Maybe it was Mike Stew.  After Valentine Michael Smith died, his friends got together to eat of his body so they could grok him fully.  It was all very New Testament. “Do this in memory of me.”  And they didn’t just fake it by eating bread and wine and pretending.  They cooked him like cannibals in a big pot.

February 13, 2022

@sleepygene hahah, ah yes, I think I wrote, “They gave a new meaning to the phrase ‘ eat me ‘ and my teacher thought it funny.  Thank you.

Am I a cannibal when I use my big pot?  I only use a little pot now and then, to marinade things.