My Writer’s Mind is Back

I’m so excited. My ‘Writer’s Mind’ is back after much time being gone or partially non-existent. I can day-dream about my novels again without my medicine altering my brain to make it not inclined to do so. I’m liking this different medicine – that in and of itself makes me happy, even if it’s the only thing I get back (and the lack of depression – that would be a plus).

Currently working on a new novel. Hoping to actually go the traditional route instead of self-publishing this time. Currently have 8700 words down. It’s just a start, but a good one nonetheless.

Went to some businesses with a friend and she passed out brochures for the practice we’re starting together. I’m the wellness component.

I would say that’s ironic, however that’s the thing about depression – it doesn’t pick and choose who it captures. It can affect anyone; CEO’s, life coaches, business owners, executives, lawyers; anyone you can imagine that you wouldn’t think it would happen to, it can and does from time to time. The important thing is addressing it. Rising above it. Not letting it ‘beat’ you. Getting support. That’s what’s important in the overall battle of depression. Depression and mental health issues don’t define a person if the person doesn’t allow it to define them. It’s a life’s curve-ball, like anything else.

Spent some time playing with my son today. It was super fun. Also got him a blue tooth speaker yesterday that lights up with different colors, and we can stream lullabies all night. It has literally, so far, changed our life, and it’s only been two days. It helps wind him down so much easier than just with our previous routine alone.

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