I feel like I posted this song before, but it may have been on facebook.

I had one of my bottom front teeth pulled yesterday, so now I look even worse. I already cover my mouth most of the time when I smile, now it’s a necessity. Talking to people is going to be horrible. I’m so embarrassed I’m near tears.

They didn’t give me any pain meds, either. I know it was a super easy extraction, but I was already in pain. I think one of the reasons they didn’t give it to me (other than it just being plucked out so easily) is because it looks like I have “meth mouth” and they thought I was seeking. I’ve had lousy teeth all my life, and the meds I take just made it worse.

I called them this morning, but I highly doubt they’ll give me anything.

I only have the weird New Haven couple today. They want me to wash the outside of the windows. I can reach all but two of them on the bottom floor. They don’t expect me to climb a ladder. Not that I could do that right now with my boot. I don’t mind washing windows much, but it may be a tad warm out there. I’d bring my ice pack thingy for around my neck but it will be melted by the time I get there. putting it in a cooler doesn’t work, either. Tried that last year. ::sigh:: Maybe I’ll try anyways. Feh.

I’m still fatigued. Not sure if it’s from the tooth pain, fibro/CFS, or just me catching up from spending so much of it at RR house. I should use my crystals. Hmm. I think I’ll wear some today. Might help.

I may be back later.

*2:34 pm*

I was kind of right about the dentist. Tramadol, which I already take (and really they’re feckin’ tic tacs), and amoxicillin. I don’t think I need the antibiotics unless there is an abscess down deep where I can’t see it (they didn’t see anything either, so, why?), so I don’t think I’m going to take them. The tic tac’s I’ll take along with the ibuprofen. It will do the same thing as taking the ibuprofen alone.

Whatever. I’m done. I was in a pissy mood because of the pain this morning, and it’s just going to continue. I even took a haldol this morning because I was so *angry*.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel better. I can’t fake it till I make it anymore. I’m just tired of doing that. When I get home from work lately, I just go lay in bed. Big sign of a deep depression with me. I don’t want to deal with anything.

I do have to cook today, though. I have two hello fresh meals I don’t want to go to waste. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat them, but Pam will have two meals she won’t have to cook for herself.

Feh. I have nothing else to say.

See ya.

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