Sleepy Sunday…

I slept for most of the morning… I was just zonked. I am more or less awake now. Julie has the tv on, but she is sleeping also. I screwed things up. I was looking for some other SD cards to put in my new tablet, but, I ended up formatting both cards, sooo…. I lost all my gameplay. sighs But anyways, it will give me time to really play AC. I intend to get a Switch in December or January and jailbreak that.

Today Bees and Julie and I are going out for fish and curly fries. We are having roast chicken here but we have that every Sunday so, a little variety is good non?

I woke up at 5a thinking it was later. Why the fuck must we change daylight savings??? SK doesn’t do that… so why must the rest of Canada?? I think that the US is like this too… if I’m not mistaken????

I am going to have lunch soon, so…

I have a new nickname for Bees that I will use now instead of Bees bc Bees is a weird name. I call Colleen Babycakes now bc she is my baby sister and she is a chubby angel. So, Bees is now Babycakes, Julie is still either that or Julz.

And I am Sammy of course.

There is this character on the Cleveland Show, and he is deaf but they exaggerate his condition. This makes me angry bc my nephew is deaf and I taught him how to talk like a regular person.

Anyways, Babycakes is home.


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November 6, 2022

Some places in the US don’t have daylight savings. I know there’s a part of Arizona that doesn’t. Or maybe all of Arizona. Then maybe part of Pennsylvania or something.

November 7, 2022

@heffay I wish that the rest of the country would be like SK for God’s sake! It’s annoying, we went home at like 6p yesterday and it was already dark out.

November 8, 2022

We have the time change here in Louisiana.  Most people don’t like it but I do.  I enjoy it getting dark earlier because then I can go to bed earlier lol.

November 9, 2022

@happyathome Me? I like the daylight… I like the night but I like having daylight longer.