No doctor for me

My mum called to make an appointment with my doctor at 7:15am and she was fully booked ;/
Impossible! Be fully booked after 15 minutes?!
And I have no fever so there is no way to got to her. I have to wait until Monday or go to on-duty doctor in the evening.
I ended my antibiotics in the morning. But I don’t feel like it helped me.
I am afraid about that. I hate those moments when my medicines don’t help, especially when I take strong ones. There is one option left. Stronger medicine which I get only when my lungs are full of mucus and I can’t breathe…

But… Let’s stop with my stupid health.
It’s really beautiful sunny day. Even my room looks pretty good. I mean, I am so happy today, in good mood. And tomorrow I’ll maybe see Maciek ; ) Finally! I miss him so much. We are talking everyday, but it’s not the same when I can’t hear his heart or even touch him.

Ugh I am coughing all the time…

Plan for today:
1. Maths- exercises 3,5,6,7
2. Cup of tea
3. Copy Physics
4. French
5. Cup of tea
6. ‘North and south’ read one or two chapters
7. Ask somebody for notes from today.
8. Keep making plan real.

I’ll post pics from this morning later, have to go and complete my plan. ; )

Start: 12am

Hugs for all! <3

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