I spent the better part of the evening on the computer making a website. Here it is. It may have metamorphosized into many different things over the years, jumping from site to site trying to find a good host. Here: That is my site. It’s not got too much on it yet but I plan on harvesting ALL of my FB pix from the past and plopping them on there. I kind of screwed up though. I put the tut for how to create a zombie sim in the Sims 2, in my blog blog and not the special sims blog. Perhaps, I should just get a Tumblr non? And then a Simblr? What do y’all think?? I can easily do that. I wish I could put it here but the thing is, OD has a habit of swapping my shots for weird ass pictures….

So… yeah. My chest is still very tight with phlegm. I need to cough the shit out. Anyways, I have to go bc a) it is almost bedtime and b) I have to gather my laundry and get it ready for tomorrow.

Ciao bella!


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April 24, 2023

That’s a very awesome website you have! :))

April 24, 2023

@ladiwan Thank you. 🙂

April 24, 2023

nice  website

April 24, 2023

@ihavenoarms Thanks! 😀

April 25, 2023

well look at you!  impressive!

May 1, 2023

Musinex is good for getting that junk up out of your lungs.

@happyathome Gotta get me some of that as well as my sister too.