Entry 1 – Introduction


I’ve decided to make an account here, talk about my day, and to explain situations I’ve been in (I will include a Trigger Warning at the beginning of the entry if you guys would like me to talk about it/more in depth). and giving advice out to you all.

You may also feel free to ask for advice in which I will respond to on an entry.

So, what I’m going to be talking about today is me. That’s it really😂

For starters, you will know me as Miss No Name. I want to stay anonymous as I will be opening up here and with you guys.

I am from the UK, and I’m nearly 20 years old, studying Psychology.

I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Chronic Depression & Anxiety, Cluster Headaches, Non-Epileptic Seizure Attack Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

My seizure attack disorder is a form of panic attack – my body can’t deal or cope with my struggles or stresses, and it just shuts down.

Cluster headaches is one of the most painful physical disorders a human being can suffer from. I have a dull headache every single day of my life, however, some days it can be worse. Some days I can’t speak, some days I can’t see, some days I can’t move, and some days it’s all three.

PTSD, Chronic Depression & Anxiety, and BPD are quite easy to guess on how I have unfortunately been diagnosed with these, but if you would like to ask questions and like to know about it, you may ask and I will dedicate an entry to it.

My goals for the future is to attend University next year with my best friend, to study Psychology in a deeper depth, then in 3 years time, I will be choosing a pathway to go down. My choices are Clinical, Criminology, Behaviourism, School Psychology, Personality Psychology or Cognitive Psychology. I’m still unsure on this.

My first two choices are Criminology, Clinical Psychology and School Psychology.

I have been given offers from all my University choices, which are all within range of each other. For my first and second choice, I will be living on campus with my best friend, and my third choice I will be living at home whilst attending.

After I’ve graduated from University, I have a goal for each of my main pathway choices.

Criminology: My goal is to work in the police force or within an asylum.

Clinical: To become a Psychiatrist and help people struggling with mental health.

School Psychology: To become a psychology tutor at either a University, a college or within a school district.

That’s all from me today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another entry.

Feel free to comment anything!

xoxo Miss No Name


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November 21, 2023

Welcome! I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to share.