Karma? Are you there?

I can’t tell you how angry I am some days. The last few days my anxiety has been through the roof and I couldn’t put my finger on what was causing it – then it hit me. I have PTSD. For over two years, our life has been stuck between extremes of so many emotions and now that things are relatively quiet, my brain cannot handle it. I keep waiting for the floor to give out. I am no longer the person I was before this crisis. There is no more go with the flow attitude, no more optimism, and just no more me. I am a stranger to myself. I don’t know who I am anymore.

I still cannot understand the cruelty we have been dealt. They were our friends and we treated them as they were our family. We opened our home to them, we fed them, we drove them to school, we supported them at sporting events…and this is what they’ve done. It was one thing for AGM to lie about being drugged and raped, its another that her parents continued to move forward knowing it wasn’t true. They knew us and they didn’t even stop to ask us what happened.  Her mom is a nurse and there is no way in hell she didn’t know her daughter was full of shit.

On top of that family being absolutely shit human beings,  we were let down by the system that was supposed to protect us. The investigator never even bothered to find out the truth. He saw her claim as a way to advance his fucking career. What kind of person, who holds a job that is to protect the innocent, doesn’t bother being thorough and actually do an investigation? He literally testified to not thinking it was important to examine the alleged crime scene, follow up on missing medical reports – including blood and alcohol testing, gather phone records, interview ALL alleged witnesses, and not view security footage? HE EVEN TESTIFIED TO NOT READING THE ORIGINAL REPORT FROM THE PATROL OFFICERS THAT TOOK HER STATEMENT! And the trial? What a shit show. The prosecutor was an absolute bullshitter. She told a good story and made up facts and twisted information to win. I hope she steps on a Lego every day for the rest of her life. The judge backed her up. So much for being impartial in a legal proceeding. At every turn, the judge erred on the side of the prosecution. The witness lies on the stand over and over? Let’s motion for impeachment. No sorry, the judge will just let it slide. Witness doing/saying things that weren’t allowed to be said? Motion for mistrial denied. Where was the impartiality? No one in that court room besides the defense gave a shit about the actual facts. I honestly feel bad for the jury. They were not fed the entire story and we couldn’t offer that because the judge would only allow certain pieces of evidence in the chat. We couldn’t even  show the jurors the comment section of her TikTok bragging about being raped where her own friends called her a liar. The prosecutor said she was just participating in a trend. I watch TikTok and have yet to see a trend where the creator brags about being raped and then laughing about it.

We are fighting with appeals but honestly, I don’t have a lick of faith in our system. It is broken and it is corrupt and the people running it are just power hungry and enjoy having control over the lives of others. I want to go public so bad, and we will – we are just awaiting the right moment. Right now we are waiting on the court transcripts so they can’t manipulate information anymore.

Honestly, if anyone has any advice or connections to help us fight this please let us know.

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August 20, 2023

Just dropping by to see if you’re OK.