And again to Hell and back…I should get AirMiles

I cut again, my palm, I’ll tell Elle it was an accident. Like I grabbed a sharp knife the wrong end when I was washing up and it slipped. I know it sounds daft but if you actually knew me, it’s not totally impossible.m, actually it’s just like somethign that would happen to me.

I’m running a bath, it might make me feel a bit better, cleaner. Even if it doesn’t the heat will take my mind, and breath, away. I suppose you could argue that I have scorchingly hot baths because I’m a self harmer/injurer/mutilater, whatever you want to label it. You could argue that I suppose, but you’d be wrong, actually I hate being cold, pathologically hate it. That’s the only the thing about death that I worry about, will I feel the cold? That’s not meant to be funny, but laugh if it makes for lighter reading.

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You’re old enough to know better and to get help by now you don’t need to cut yourself. Its not a decoration peice of a fashion statement. Its ignorant. If you know you don’t want to commit suicide than why do you cut yourself and hide your scars later. Stop lying and tell them the truth that you cut. It’ll just make things worse.

If you can’t be bothered, then why did you post it. Get over yourself.