What To Do?

Ok, so yesterday I had a bit of a breakdown. I talked to Elenor about it, she’s my counsellor. She was really helpful, what she was saying made so much sense. I was telling her why I am how I am, or at least trying to. I was explaining about my family and what’s happend and what’s going on now and everything and she was telling me to cut strings and let go, I want to I really do but how? I know they cause me nothing but pain, sorrow and grief but they’re my family and I want to have my family and I don’t know how I’d cope with not having a family. I know it sounds stupid as they give me nothing of nothing, but I don’t want to be on my own, does that make sense? That’s why I’m kinda worried about coming out to them. I like the idea of having a family but not the reality, but don’t want to not have them. Ok that’s it. Well no it’s not.

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April 22, 2008

Do what u feel is right. :hugs:

April 22, 2008

well, i think in a way you can have both. I mean, i don’t tell my family EVERYTHING I do. I know they would be nothing but appalled at my lack of morals. And while I do have a very supporting family, I do have family that is not (like my bio mom who i am no longer speaking to)… it really is something that takes a lot more thought than one or two or even a dozen conversations or days can really fully process. This is not easy. YOu need to learn how to get what you can from your family that is positive and good and learn how to adapt and grow the rest of your life in a new direction. don’t underestimate yourself and your power to be independent. i SUCK at being “alone”… but i’ve done it so long, i’ve learned to compenasate for my suckage. so if i can do it, i know you can. hang in there hon *huggzz*

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