Which is what I have rn. I have hope that things will settle financially, I have hope for the new day, and I have hope that things will get better overall.

It’s good to have hope. Nonna is making her homemade lasagna today for supper. This is going to be delicious as she is a great cook. 🙂 I am probably going to repeat yesterday as it being placid, y’know???

But I am hungry now. I think that in a few Maman will get up and start up breakfast. My blood glucose (after last night’s pasta bake and garlic toast) is 3.9 mmol/l which is on the low side, but I won’t worry. I just had some juice that I have by my bed in such times.

I have this song in my head atm:

Idk why though. I get these songs in my head at times. 🙂

I didn’t dream at all last night. I don’t usually dream. I used to. I used to have disconnected dreams, even nightmares… but not anymore. I get a sound sleep almost every night. The only problem I have is, well.. waking up so darned early. 😮 I feel rested though. Until, that is, I take my prn. Then, I get really dopey. I think I take lorazepam? Anyways, I tend to just shake it and continue on. That’s all you can really do.

I can’t wait for January. Not only is it a fresh new year, but, I get my Nitro 5 gaming lappy then. And, Maman will hold the other — the Gateway for backup. 🙂 

I am going to play the Chives family… I had a bit of an update on my WP… but I am finding WP to be a kind of hassle, so I will post them to my blogspot account. I will give that out soon.

I need to get some insulin, but I forgot to ask Maman for a pen, so I gotta wait til she wakes up.

If you want to Skype me, I am rabbitgirl2000@hotmail.com

I’m going to play the Sims now…


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October 26, 2023

I dream every night it feels like all night.  I love to interpret dreams…I’m pretty good at doing that.

What is WP?

October 26, 2023

@happyathome WordPress. It’s another blog thing. Very frustrating. 😮

October 26, 2023

I may Skype you I am under tetamarina. I don’t use Skype much though actually should say not at all

October 26, 2023

@justanotherbalkan OK. Will check. Sorry if I’m late, I just slept the morning in.

October 26, 2023

@simplypurrfect that’s fine I also sent you links to my piano videos on Skype as well

October 26, 2023

I just sent you a Skype message

October 26, 2023

What kind of lasagna your Nonna is going to be making

October 26, 2023

@justanotherbalkan Meat I believe bc her brother gave her 2 jars of homemade sauce. Yum!!

October 26, 2023

I always get ear worms……repeat over and over again my mind.

October 27, 2023

@thespiritwithinme Yepp. 😀

October 29, 2023

@thespiritwithinme earworm! wait LOL maybe it was earworm, not brainworm! I thought it was a German thing, I never heard anyone call it that before and there it is right after I posted my comment.

October 29, 2023

Maybe just that when I imagine worms in the ears I can’t help but imagine crawling towards the brain. eww though!

October 29, 2023

I’ll share when I post I picture of the fall colours that I took. I wish I had taken more pictures. Maybe next year I can do a road trip. Hope is good. I have a little bit more of it lately and I think getting to see the seasons change is part of why I have it. Now I’m probably gonna have that song in my head too. That happens to me randomly too. Like, where did that come from, zi haven’t heard that song in ages and yet there it is in my head. Someone from Germany told me that they have a word for it there: brainworm!