A girl that I worked with at FedEx posted an inappropriate picture of herself on Facebook and I told Jeremy about it saying that I wanted to protect my kids from things like that on Facebook…. I don’t agree with this woman doing that because she has young kids herself…. Now this all makes sense to me about this woman because she mysteriously found me one Facebook out of the blue and tagged in me one of her weird Snapchat stories…. <- She is really weird and I don’t like that about her…. I am so glad that I don’t associate with her anymore but I feel that I need to confront her about a lot of stuff like for one trying to interfere with my relationship starting back in December, she was always wanting to know what me and Jeremy was doing when we made plans, she was always wanting pictures of me and Jeremy, and she really pissed me off by getting into the vehicle with Jeremy while I was standing outside talking with another female coworker…. <- She just laughed in my face like she had done NOTHING wrong and then played it off at work the next day….

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February 13, 2023

She sounds like a trouble maker for sure.

February 14, 2023

@happyathome she was and I took care of it last night