My poor babe Jeremy is having such a rough time at work because no one wants to listen to his instructions that he leaves for the red vests for when he has a day off…. He was telling me earlier today that he has about had enough of that job because when he has a day off for him to rest and when he goes back to work everything is a disaster because no one has done anything that was left on the instructions that he left…. He is the team leader for the MST Green Team outdoor lawn and garden at Lowe’s…. I understand his frustration and I know that his job is draining him mentally and physically…. That job is consuming most of his time because he is having to stay past the time that he is supposed to get off so he can try to get his work done because he can’t get his work done during his shift because he has to do the job of 4 other red vests…. <- The red vests that are outside in the lawn and garden with my babe don’t do their jobs properly and I have seen 2 red vests ONLY do the watering of the plants and they make sure that it is the ONLY thing they do for their whole shift when clearly there is OTHER things that needs to be done in the outdoor lawn and garden…. I went up there last Saturday to help my babe because he didn’t have any help and I make what plants needed to be covered with the frost cloths and what plants needed to be brought into the store for the night…. <- It is sad that I had to go help because those red vests are l-a-z-y and they don’t want to do anything but play on their phones and socialize and ONLY water the plants…. <- Even I have had enough of them treating my man bad and them NOT their assigned jobs that I really want to go up to Lowe’s and tell those lazy red vests to do their jobs so my man can do his job and get out of there on time and on his days off he shouldn’t have to be worrying what the outdoor lawn and garden is going to look like when he comes back to work…. Jeremy goes in super early everyday that he works and stays super late just to try to make the outdoor lawn and garden look nice and whenever he is not there its a disaster…. Jeremy is putting his mental and physical health on the line everyday that he works because he also has epilepsy like I do and when he has signs of a seizure or he has a seizure that is when Lowe’s themselves threatens his job…. Lowe’s is a dirty company to work for especially if you have seizures/epilepsy…. 

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April 30, 2023

That sounds so frustrating.  Managing people can be a really tough gig.  I also manage a team of staff and it can be very stressful.

May 1, 2023

Sounds like a terrible company to work for!!

May 2, 2023

@happyathome it is