Long Distance

Has anyone ever had a long distance relationship? My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. I know this circle is for marriage but its the closest thing I could find to a circle about relationships and I am desperate to be apart of a community of people that can share any advice or calming words at this moment.

Joe has a new job that will require him to travel quite frequently. He’s leaving Monday morning at 5 am, and won’t return for over 3 months. We’ve barley been a part for more than a weekend. We share a cat, so I’ll have some company. I suppose the fears going through my brain are, will he be safe? Will we be strong enough? Does he love me enough to come home? As I type these things I realize how childish they sound. I adore him, and rely on him for when times get tough. For when my thoughts get dark. I feel sad, but I know it won’t set in until the first night. The last hug, the last glimpse of his face walking out the door. Why does this feel like an ending? Why am I feeling scared, and lost, and like I might never see his face again.

Being apart of a community that I can get helpful thoughts, advice, or just words of love is something that I think I’m really going to need. I hope its okay that I joined this circle. I thought that anyone whose married might be the best givers of advice.

Please reach out in the comments if you have some time.

Thank you

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May 30, 2023

I have. It can be really rough. When my husband was in the army he was away for weeks at a time. Now he is an interstate truck driver and is only home from Friday night to Sunday evening. We’ve been together for 16 years now so I’m used to it.