Who Would I Be If No-one Else Was Around?

“People Pleaser”

I would be fearless.

I would say no more often.

I would tell people to go f*ck themselves,

& take no guilt in the matter.

I would hear my own opinions,

& act on them without hesitation.

I would fall in love,

& let others fall in love with me.

I would find beauty in the little moments.

Like watching the sun hit the window creating a warm beam of light.

I wouldn’t fear sadness,

but find peace in knowing that I tried.

I would take risks.

The kind of risks that feel like your feet are no longer on the ground.

I would let go,

& let myself have fun every once in a while.

I would not fear failure.

I would not fear success.

I would listen to vinyl,

& dance around in my apartment.


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