The Only Good Scale is a Broken Scale

It’s Saturday so that means first thing this morning I get on the scale to see where I’m at and for the THIRD week in a row, I am at EXACTLY the same weight. I understand the whole gaining muscle thing while losing fat concept but you would think I would have to lose some sort of weight at some point, not stay at the same exact weight for the rest of eternity. It was demoralizing, and the last time as was demoralized I talked to K about it at the gym and she showed me my progress. I thought this would be a good way to help with things today.

We got a late start to the gym, though, and K was running late as well. When she got there she had to immediately start setting up for the Saturday morning free group REALLY LOUD MUSIC workout that lasts for an entire hour and gets in everyone’s way. That’s the real reason they suggest joining in – you won’t be able to avoid it. I did as much of my weight training as I could do with this whole group thing going on and did almost 10,000 steps on the elliptical and decided I didn’t want to talk to K after all. I just wanted to be upset.

Reed and I had a nice lunch at El Indios, where I had enchiladas de espinaca and probably ate too much but it was delicious and made me feel better after the gym. Once we were home I sent Reed off to Costco to get Jojo’s meds and some stuff we needed while I worked on tidying up the house in preparation for DnD tomorrow. I also finished Lawrence Beesley’s book, and he’s a man who feels that more crew members of the Titanic should have died so that more passengers could have lived. So not my favorite Titanic survivor account.

In the evening Reed and I watched a strange combination of Drag Race, Interview with the Vampire, and the classic film A Night to Remember.

In the morning I’ll go back to the stupid gym and do my workout. I might even talk to K if she’s not too busy. And we’ll walk up to the farmer’s market because we are out of honey of all things. And maybe I’ll make some bread before DnD and maybe organize some DnD stuff since I’m DM-ing off the cuff so far. We’ll see how it goes.

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