This is going to be a challenge!

Breaking News! Yesterday on my daily dose of Nanny Reports, some woman passed her number to my ex. He told the nanny he threw it away. Do you want a prize? I laughed the entire car ride home. You didn’t stop dating the entire time we were married but now you want to do the right thing? Why am I getting this news? Is it a threat? Watch out I could move on! Is he still hoping I am going to come back before he moves on? I have to find the humor in it. I don’t know what goes on in this brain of mine sometimes. I cannot be worrying about what goes on in his.

I have not really ever dated, and I am scared. I don’t know the rules; how long after divorce should you wait before dating again? Maybe someone will have a podcast on it lol. I don’t know if I am ready for that. I wouldn’t actually go on a real date until the dissolution is done; March 18th I am free, mark your calendars. I was curious what’s out there so installed Bumble on my phone. Oh, this is going to hurt. I have seen the light and my standards went way up. My daddy didn’t love me enough and my brother was really mean, so my ex didn’t have to work that hard. Awe he bought her dinner at Olive Garden, told her she was pretty, and her clothes fell off. It was something about those bread sticks.

What was wrong in your marriage? Well, I was bored for a real long time. Did you really just watch 6 hours of Baywatch reruns with the teenager? I am going to go read a book and grow my brain. I cannot do anything for 6 hours straight. This is the Grand Canyon of gaps in emotional maturity. How does that happen?

I try to find the positive in things. I do have some insecurities because of this unhealthy marriage; some body image issues. Being on Bumble tells me I should not be having those kinds of insecurities. Well, that is a different kind of direct. I was not prepared for that. I don’t think I will be finding my next husband on Bumble, but I appreciate the compliment. Maybe? I might be offended, I don’t know. There is a connect group on Sundays at my new church for single age 30-50, maybe I’ll check that out March 20th when I am legally free. I will put it on my list and talk to God about it.

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February 17, 2022

So, I’m going to just blunder in here like the bull in the china shop. Do you really want to begin another relationship? Or would it be in your best interest to discover who you are before you invest time and energy on someone else?  It’s certainly healthy to meet different people and be social.  Not to mention learning to laugh and smile and just in general feel good about yourself.  I just wouldn’t recommend being on a mission to find another spouse right away.

February 18, 2022

@wrecktangle you are missing a lot of information about me. I am not really that confused about who I am. I enjoy being a wife and a mom. I got the mom thing down and I was a really good wife. I just picked the wrong Fruit. He was not ready to be a husband. I have been on this path of self-discovery for a while. I think my 4 therapists would agree, but I appreciate your input and you reading what I had to say. If I lost my job tomorrow, I would actively seek a new one.