My keto journey- last year and this year.

So over a year ago, with almost two year clean from heroin I found myself facing a scale in a doctors office during my second month of nursing school… fairly upset. I felt, nasty, ugly and unwanted even though i had a man that at the time was nice to me and sexed me up and down perfectly without every worrying about one inch of fat on my body. BUT, I wanted to feel like myself for me, not for him. Before I got clean I was obviously on drugs, and heroin by all means ate away at any figure i had. Now, I do have body dysmorphia so no matter how thin i got, I still looked somewhat big in the mirror.

I stepped on that scale and weighed 168!! I couldn’t even shake how I felt. Now mind you the inside means the most so this is where my personal mental illness showed itself. I then told my daughter about how I was going to begin vegetarian keto and I did.

I started off going down to 100 carbs per day, snacking on things that looked like they were less than 40 carbs, but i was soooo hungry for sugar. I bought a lot of stuff i wasn’t supposed to eat, and ruined my diet a few times. eventually in 2 weeks i had dropped about 10 lbs and was looking better. i ate fat bombs made with stevia, sugarless peanut butter and coconut oil as well as cocoa powder, low carbs wraps with morning star meatless chicken and cheese, eggs  and so forth. When I got done I couldn’t crack 150.


I did keto for 3 months and plateaued at 150 lbs.

By the time school ended i was at 155, and began working as a cna until I took my boards! I then began to drop weight for absolutely no reason down to at the very least 137 lbs. I then began eating a lot and went back up to 147 after my sister passed away and i quit smoking cigarettes so i recently started keto again about a month and a half ago, this time im taking it easy and not worrying about counting every single carb, i eat when im hungry and keep it under 30 per day, still vegetarian. I am now at 134.0 after a vacation of slightly cheating. I’m pretty happy with the results. I mad at eating out and having less options so i make food from home thats better. If anyone is interested in some things that i eat at restaurants feel free to let me know, I’ll post a few on here


chiles poblano- el canelo ; mexican restaurant- 10 carbs (pepper filled with cheese wrapped with eggs and covered in a green verde sauce)

homemade taco bell cheese quasadilla- 9 carbs (low carb small wraps with cheese, mayo mixed with jalapenos and cayenne/cumin/garlic)

coffee from tim hortans – large iced soy latte with 3 equals and sugar free flavor shots

dennys- salads, veggie omelettes, and veggie burgar with no burger is delish but a little carby

mcdonalds- eggs by themselves and salads, beware of the sugar in some of them

morning star – sausage links, some burgars, and bacon (fake meat)

cracker barrel- half a baked sweet potato with no sugar 7 carbs, vegetable soup 10, and salad about 5

Country fair- cooked eggs over a salad with tons of vegetables 8

golden coral – salad, vegetable soup, spinach, asparagus, whipped cream alone

I eat lots of cheese and nuts in my spare time and a few protein low carb shakes.

diet pop is fine



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March 12, 2019

Glad to hear that your weight loss journey is going well. Good luck with remaining satisfied over your body.

March 12, 2019

I think weight watchers is better than this because it has more varieties and can be the lowest carb and all protein