Once a upon a time, in your wildest dreams

Lyrics from here.

What’s happening with my lovelies? I am well. I was on Neopets [my referral link] and I was playing Tomodachi Life. I think I will play Pokemon Y next.

Today is the day I might do laundry… bc I need it done.

We are having grilled cheese and soup, most likely tomato. Bc they just go together. 🙂 That and watching the Flintstones on tv… but there isn’t any tvs in the diningroom but there is in my room and the tv room. But Bees has it reserved for the baseball game. She is a diehard Blue Jays fan. I’m a Yankees fan as y’all know…

Have a good day and stay safe!




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2 weeks ago

I loved the flinstones! and tomato soup is good with it yum

2 weeks ago

I used to love Neopets! I don’t have time now-days, but it’s cool to find someone who still plays.

2 weeks ago

@smokedragon one of my older nieces as kids used to play with Neopets online

@smokedragon I love it… 🙂

@itsjustmarina My first neopet back in the day was a uni. 🙂

2 weeks ago

I love tomato soup and grilled cheese YUM and I have Three’s  Company on DVD’s most of the Seasons

2 weeks ago

Grilled cheese and tomato.  Mmmm!!

2 weeks ago

you should try cheese and tomato sandwiches, they are the best!

2 weeks ago

I love the Moody Blues!
I’ve still got a Neopets account that I check into now and then. I’ve had the account since 2001.  I think the critters are adorable.

@wren The Moody Blues are amazing! Add me to your flist on NP.

2 weeks ago

Now i have that song stuck in my head and I’m hungry!