Why Can’t I Stick to My Exercise Routine?

For some people exercising is an escape. For some people exercise is a fun and enjoyable pastime that simultaneously keeps them fit. For some people exercise is a really important aspect of their daily lives. I am not some people. Ugh!

But really, who wants to run 5k when they could be chilling out on the sofa with a bag of crisps and indulging in something mind numbingly mundane? I just don’t understand it.

I have tried, oh boy have I tried, but for some reason I just can’t get into the exercise routine that so many people seem to enjoy. I know I am not alone either, I have plenty of friends that have the same aversion to exercise that I have. So my question is, how do people actually get into exercise? And I don’t mean get into it as in get up and force themselves to go every other day. I mean like really get in to it, like want-to-go-and-do-it in to it, like couldn’t-imagine-life-without-it in to it? I have a few theories, most of them concluding that these people are mentally insane, but really, there must be some kind of psychological benefit if so many people are praising it all of the time. These are a few of the ways that I plan on making exercise something that I actually want to do, rather than have to do!

Have an Exercise Holiday Goal

I am going to try and increase my motivation by booking in a physically challenging holiday in a few months time. This means that I will have something to exercise for! Plus i’ll be using Parking at Airports deals to save money on airport parking, as well as other hotel discounts too. I’m thinking: trekking the Himalayas in Nepal?giphy gif

Changing My Thinking

One of the biggest problems that I have to fight against when undergoing exercise is quite literally myself. I am my biggest issue. Gosh. So I am going to try and change the way that I think about exercise. What if I didn’t stand in my own way? What if I could shush the voice that tells me not to go? I’d be a lot healthier, that’s for sure.

Doing it More Often

Okay so maybe it’s time to face the fact that actually doing exercise might lead to more of an appreciation of it. Most of the time the thought of doing exercise just takes me right back to year six gym class, being the last one picked for team sports and having traumatic PE kit experiences. But I am not in year six anymore, and there is a whole world to explore. So I will do it a little more before I make these judgments.giphy gif

Small Triumphs Equal Small Rewards!

I think one of the things that I always do is to not reward myself for doing exercise. I am an all or nothing kind of person, meaning that when I am exercising I don’t actually see the point in eating unhealthy food. It’s all or nothing, right? No. I have decided to treat myself after a run (within reason and only occasionally) so that I don’t go back to my old binging habits!

I am not sure if any of this will actually work, or if I will even end up going, but I will try my best to start getting in to exercise! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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May 21, 2019

I Hope it’s working out for you. There are more incentive now I haven’t tried it but they have apps that will pay you to exercise.