Getting Things Done

It has been a very odd day.

First, I have had energy AND motivation and got things done. I organized all the recyclable stuff and got it ready to carry to the dumpster. I then get the last Huge Black Bag, the last one of a roll Jake got for me when I moved in. I had this bag almost full cleaning out over the course of the last weeks, and I also added the current much smaller bag from the kitchen. And I finally made the decision to get rid of a big ugly lamp that belonged to Fred. It was really old and didn’t work well and was actually too big to use in this apartment. But it was Fred’s and so I held on to it until today. I took it to pieces and put it in the black bag — and then, I discovered I didn’t have the necessary arm strength to lift the bag and carry it out to the car!  So, I sent email and Jake and his truck will come by and dispose of it for me after work tomorrow!

The really odd part of the day was that I have been overly emotional all day. In between doing various useful things, I watched some episodes of "NYP Blue" and I found my eyes filling with tears {mostly at appropriate moments.} But, I mean, this is television, it isn’t real life! I am wondering if this unusual eye watering has anything to do with this new prescription stuff I am putting in my eyes. Well, actually, it is exactly the same as the old stuff– I compared what was written on the bottles- except this was a gel rather than the drops. When I first started using it a couple of days ago I was quite pleased because when I put drops in they always run down my face and this stuff doesn’t, but this morning this gel stuff stung my eyes a little. I wasn’t worried about it because the drops always did that too. Hmmm, maybe I should call the ophthalmologist? I will give it one more day before I decide. I had been pleased with the gel format also because it didn’t leave nasty crystalline bits at the corners of my eyes the way the drops did… Oh well, maybe I was just having a rather emotional day…

Anyway, as well as getting the recycling out, I also did two loads of laundry and I have to say it was about time. I was wearing my last clean T-Shirt which I also wore and called clean yesterday! I really enjoy having a washer and dryer just down the hall, too. No more going down to the basement and walking across to the machines bent double under the heating vents! So, I put the clothes in the machines and then folded them and put them away. {I just reread the last sentence and it sounded as if I folded and put away the machines! .} And finally, I cooked some pasta for myself and made a cream sauce with tomato, and some left-over chopped veggies. It tasted quite good, probably because I was hungry! I put the remainder in a container in the refrigerator and will have it tomorrow as a pasta salad. All I have to do now in the kitchen is to rinse the pots I used and put them in the dishwasher. {I rinse them because I don’t run the dishwasher until I have a full load which will probably be tomorrow.}

Oh, and I forgot to mention although I had physical therapy with Jill yesterday, I did a bit of exercise for strengthening my back on the bed with the Big Red Ball. I didn’t do much since she had told me to only do these exercises every second day, but I did do a bit and was rewarded by forgetting my cane and walking to my car with recyclable stuff in both hands with NO lurching or staggering! It wasn’t a long distance but I did do it and even better, I did it without having to concentrate on every single step…







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I have been filling a lot of those big black trash bags as I’m coming down the home stretch of my move. I never would have imagined, after all the purging I have done, all the trips to Goodwill and the dump, that I would have another car load of stuff to take to the “transfer station”, but I will. It’s a good feeling though.

July 23, 2013

Woo-hoo! Well done on the PT! Sounds like you are doing fantastic!

Seems to have been , overall, a good day. The upward spirals are so-o-o much better.

July 24, 2013

Glad that you’re finding it easier to walk. Are you doing any painting or reading?

July 24, 2013

oh, i know all about those big black bags filled with stuff and too heavy to carry. it took me a while til i could get rid of raymond’s things. i kept some just cause they were his. they never had been my style. i was decluttering when i fell. can’t do much now but i’m doing little bits at a time. no big projects just yet. i like to cook enough at one time to put in the fridge for another day. don’t like cooking every day. must get my laundry done either today or tomorrow so i have clean clothes for the 9 days angela is gone. no way to get laundry done til she gets back. you are doing so well with your p/t. love that you are walking so much better. i am holding on to your better walking to inspire me to do my p/t and not get discouraged. take care,

July 24, 2013

I have a big black bag that I am slowly filling also. But it’s black because I’m filling it with yard waster and our trash carrier won’t pick it up if they can see yard waste in it. I know that’s not very honest but I don’t know what the heck else I’m supposed to do with it and don’t want to go dump it in a ditch somewhere.

I am so glad about your progress with walking cane – free.