My Birthday Gift To Myself…RECOVERY

Hello Everyone,

            Well for starters I would like to take a brief moment and introduce myself! 

My name is Patsy, I turned 37 years old yesterday (8/29/1984) woot woot Virgo!

I have been at war within myself and battling my own demons on top of soul wrenching, body crippling, and mind all over the place kind of depression and whatever else I can’t seem to begin to grasp or gain control of. 

Well I have been at this war and going IN CIRCLES for the past three years and I SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Time to get my shit together! 

I never in a million years, like most would probably even say themselves, thought I would be addicted to any drug whatsoever, especially Meth. 

Well I went down that rabbit hole back in 2018 as a way out of this world and thinking since I already have tachycardia that this would race my heart even more and BOOM MY WAY OUT!. No so much! One line, just snorting that ONE line, that’s all it took. 

I loved that thrill, that floating and being so happy and euphoric feeling and I have been so deep in this rabbit hole going deeper and deeper chasing that first initial high since. And all the demons I’ve picked up along the way took me to an even darker place, especially on the days of “come down”. 

Wow who is this woman, where did I “break” where did I go. 



Once the outgoing, loving mother and wife with BIG BROWN EYES AND SO MUCH LIFE, now stares at me with no meaning or soul behind her eyes. 



Well That is just the beginning to a very long, chaotic, self destructive, and mind blowing Journey that I am here to share because when I make it out at the end of this! I CAN FINALLY SAY “I” DID IT…. and I did it for “ME”




to be continued….

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August 31, 2021

Happy Belated Birthday! Sending you all my well wishes and strength as you overcome your demons and shine on the other side. <3

August 31, 2021

@ncumisa Thank you so much

August 31, 2021

@patsymay  – Pleasure!!